The Editorial Board welcomes the submission of proposals and manuscripts for our book series Studies in Dance History. Because we define dance history and dance studies in the broadest possible terms, the Board encourages the submission of proposals on a wide range of topics and encourages innovation in subject matter, methodology, theoretical approaches, and writing. The series publishes monographs by single authors as well as anthologies, and books by both emerging and established authors. 


One of the greatest advantages of publishing with our series is that your book will be sent to all full Society of Dance History Scholars Members, a list that will expand significantly once SDHS merges with the Congress on Research in Dance to become the Dance Studies Association. No other press can guarantee this degree of distribution. In addition, as noted in Processes and Procedures for Manuscript Review, we pride ourselves on providing close mentorship for emerging authors and detailed feedback on work-in-process for both first-time and established authors.

Please include the following materials with your submission.

Cover Letter: The cover letter, addressed to the Chair of the SDHS editorial board, should include the following information:

·         Title of the work

·         Contact information for the Author

·         Abstract or summary of contents of the work

·         Statement of the original contributions the book makes to the field of dance history, explanation of how the book differs from work already published, and description of the anticipated audience

·         Number and nature of illustrations to be included

·         Estimated extent of previously published material to be included

·         Disclosure about whether or not the material is under consideration with another publisher

·         Estimate of total word count and number of images

·         Estimate of timeline for completion and submission

·         Listing of items included with the submission

C.V. of Author(s)

For Anthologies, please include a listing of short biographies of contributors. 

Table of Contents

Book Proposal: Your proposal should be between 5–10 pages in length, single-spaced. We expect this proposal to be high-quality, as it gives us a sense of your ability to write a strong book.

·         Description of the Project: including the book’s argument, scope, theoretical approach(es), and methodologies

·         Justification: Why is this book important and why should we publish it? What makes it special? What does it add to the field?  

·         Interdiscplinarity: If this is an interdisciplinary project, what are the fields it brings together? How is the book conversing with or adding to these fields?

·         Competition: What previously published books is your book most like? How will your book add to, converse with, build on, or fill in gaps compared to these other books?

·         Audience: Who will the book appeal to? Is the book appropriate for undergraduate or graduate readers, readers within the field, in other fields, or the general public?

·         Book Outline: Outline each section and chapter in the book so that we understand the book’s scope and structure. Include abstracts for each chapter.

Sample Chapters: Send two sample chapters. This might include the introduction and a single chapter, or two chapters. They need not be sequential. If we would like additional materials, we will request them. These chapters should be strong, well edited, and give our board a good sense of your main ideas, methods, and writing style.

Submission Format: Submit your materials as word documents or PDFs via email to the Chair of the Editorial Board.

Send Submissions and Inquiries to:

Dr. Rebecca Rossen, Studies in Dance History Editorial Board Chair
Department of Theatre and Dance
The University of Texas at Austin
300 E. 23rd Street Stop D3900
Austin, TX 78712-0362
Phone: 512-232-7153
Email:  (email preferred)

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