2001 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference

Twenty-fourth Annual Conference
Goucher College
Towson, Maryland
21–24 June 2001


  1. Peter Bohlin. A Fight for Women’s Right’s: A Moment from Stockholm, 1650, and the Coronation Festivities of Queen Christina of Sweden
  2. Lynn Matluck Brooks. Recovering Meaning: Documents and Interpretation
  3. Renée Camus. Cancan: Blurring the Line between Social Dance and Stage Performance
  4. Alexandra Carter. Changing Views: A Critical History of Second-Wave Feminist and Post-Feminist Debate and Its Manifestation in Writings on Ballet
  5. Elizabeth Cooper. Dances about Spain: Guns & Castanets and Adelante
  6. Roger Copeland. Dancing for the Digital Age: Merce Cunningham’s Biped
  7. Michelle Ferranti. A Different Expression: Recognizing the Work of Oskar Schlemmer
  8. Anita Gonzalez. Urban Bush Women and the Continuum of Black Performativity
  9. Naomi M. Jackson. Rethinking Humanness: The Place of Automata, Puppets, and Cyborgs in Dance
  10. Suzanne M. Jaeger. Dancing in a Virtual Moment: "Look, Mom, No Flesh!"
  11. Angela Kane. American Dreams: New Frontiers in Twenty-first Century Dance
  12. Nancy Kane. Architecture and Icon in Caroso’s Nobiltà di Dame
  13. Rebekah J. Kowal. "From Remembrance Came a Dance": The Cultural Meanings of Narrative in Donald McKayle’s Early Choreography
  14. Allana Lindgren. "Pointe of Law": The National Ballet of Canada and Kimberly Glasco Legal Arbitration Case
  15. Vida Midgelow. The Erotic and the Exotic in Swan Lake as Reconceived by Shakti: Some Difficulties of Interpretation and Evaluation
  16. Lisa Naugle. Reinterpreting Choreography: Motion-Capture Data as Historical Information
  17. Ann Nugent. Seeking Order and Finding Chaos in the Choreography of William Forsythe
  18. Gunhild Oberzaucher-Schüller. Introducing Rosalia Chladek
  19. Tate Osten. Autographs: Early Works of Boris Eifman
  20. Ken Pierce. Choreographic Structure in the Dances of Claude Balon
  21. Tresa Randall. Populism, Avant-Gardism, and Hanya Holm: An Analysis of Dance of Work and Play (1938)
  22. Val Rimmer. Collaborations between Dance and Technology as a History of the Present
  23. Jane Scott Barrett. "Marketable Radicalness" and the Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Examples of American Postmodern Dance
  24. Cheryl Smith. Matrons and Patrons: Behind the Scenes in Three Canadian Ballet Companies
  25. Iro Valaskakis Tembeck Of Names and Things: Image Makeovers in Some Montreal Dance Institutions
  26. Sharry Traver Underwood. Narration for the Video of Lost Dances of Ted Shawn
  27. Cynthia J. Williams. Fokine’s Forgotten Puppet

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