American Anthropological Association Founded in 1902, the AAA is the world's largest professional organization of people interested in anthropology. It comprises some thirty distinct sections and interest groups. Its Web site will provide access to all of them, including the American Ethnological Society, the Society for Cultural Anthropology, and the Ritual Studies Interest Group.

American Council of Learned Societies ACLS is a private, nonprofit federation of sixty-three national scholarly organizations. Its mission is the advancement of humanistic studies in all fields of learning in the humanities and the social sciences and the maintenance and strengthening of relations among the national societies devoted to such studies. The Society of Dance History Scholars has been a constituent member since 1996.

American Musicological Society The AMS was founded in 1934 to advance research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship. Its Web site offers information on the history and structure of the organization as well as current information on membership, conferences, awards and fellowships, graduate programs in musicology, publications of the AMS, and subventions for publication. Also provided are a directory of members' e-mail addresses and a catalog of Web sites of special interest to musicologists.

American Society for Aesthetics The ASA was founded in 1942 to promote study, research, discussion, and publication in aesthetics, which is understood to include all studies of the visual arts, literature, music, and theater arts. This Web site offers the opportunity to join the society's discussion group, Aesthetics-L.

American Society for Theatre Research ASTR was founded in 1956 to encourage theater scholarship in the United States and to provide a link with similar groups in other countries. It is the only American theater organization affiliated with the American Council of Learned Societies and the International Federation for Theatre Research. It sponsors an active online discussion group.

Asia Society Since its founding in 1956, the programming of the Asia Society has encompassed the public affairs, arts, and cultures of all the countries of Asia and, in response to changing demographics in the United States, has expanded to include programs relating to Asian-American issues. The Cultural Programs division works to promote an understanding of Asia through the performing arts, lectures, interviews, symposia, films, and conferences. The Asian Educational Resource Center, composed of three integrated technology-based components, AskAsia, Asiainteractive, and TeachAsia, is complemented by an publications program of videos and print materials. Books published on arts and culture are focused mainly on the visual arts.

Association of Moving Image Archivists AMIA is a professional association of people and organizations concerned with the collection, preservation, exhibition, and use of moving- image materials. More than six hundred members work with film, television, video, and interactive media. Besides classic and contemporary Hollywood productions and entertainment programs for television, archives include independently produced film and video art, amateur footage, and film and television programs reflecting ethnic and minority experiences.

Association of Performing Arts Presenters With over forty years as an active arts service organization, Arts Presenters is a vital component of the international performing arts community. Its mission is to define the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for presenters, artist managers, and performing artists and to clarify the relationships among them, thus enhancing the ability of the presenting field to serve the public.

Authentic Movement Institute Founded in 1993 by Mary Starks Whitehouse, the Authentic Movement Institute offers an innovative curriculum that explores the melding of dimensions of the creative, the psychological, and the sacred through a unique body-based process. It is informed by developmental psychology, somatic epistemology, Jungian thought, dance ethnology, and mystical studies.

Early Music America EMA, the North American service organization for the field of historical performance, is dedicated to "advancing the music of the past." Its attractive Web site gives details of membership and provides a concert calendar, notices of festivals and workshops, and information on scholarships, awards, and competitions.

International Council for Traditional Music In consultation with UNESCO, the ICTM supports the study and practice of all musical traditions, including all urban and popular musics and dance. Its Web site explains its various activities in ethnomusicology, ethnochoreology, and related areas.

International Federation for Theater Research The IFTR exists to promote collaboration and exchange of information between persons and organizations concerned with theater research. Its new Web site offers information on conferences, working groups, publications, prizes, and membership. The New Scholars' Forum provides a platform for younger members and especially doctoral students to present their research.

International Guild of Musicians in Dance IGMID aims to foster collaborative relationships between dancers and musicians, to establish standards of excellence and training programs for musicians in dance, and to document the history of musicians in dance. Its Web site gives information on membership, conferences, and publications.

Lively Arts History Association LAHA, a nonprofit service organization operating in southern California, is dedicated to fostering an understanding of history through the performing arts. It assists historic sites, museums, civic organizations, educators, and performers in the presentation of historical programs and events. These include vintage dances, classes, living history demonstrations, seminars, stage shows, crafts demonstrations, lectures, tours, and feasts. LAHA maintains a large database of performers and re-enactors and is capable of presenting programs covering most periods of European and North American history.

Renaissance Society of America The RSA is the leading organization in the Americas for the interdisciplinary study of the late medieval, Renaissance, and early modern periods of history. Its Web site gives information on its activities and provides a directory of its members and a brief index of links to related Web sites.

Society for Cinema Studies The SCS is devoted to the scholarly study of film, television, video, and new media. Its Web site includes information on its history, membership, and activities as well as providing job listings, directories, and links to e-mail lists and discussion groups.

Society for Ethnomusicology Founded in 1955, the SEM promotes research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. Its Web site offers information about its conferences, prizes, regional chapters, graduate programs, publications, membership benefits, and online resources.

Society of American Music Formerly known as the Sonneck Society, SAM seeks to stimulate the appreciation, performance, creation, and study of American music in all its historical and contemporary styles and contexts. These include art music ("classical music"), popular music, musical theater, folk music, music for dance, church music, the musics of ethnic groups and minorities, and the full range of activities associated with music. "America" is understood to embrace North America, Mesoamerica, and the Caribbean region. SAM's Web site includes a valuable directory of research centers of American music.

Theatre Development Fund TDF is committed to providing programs that build audiences and support the arts in New York City. Besides its most visible activity, the distribution of discount tickets (TKTS), it administers a range of marketing programs that encourage production of new plays and musicals. Its Web site gives information on its arts education programs, its national and international services, and its costume collection.

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Studies in Dance History SDHS’s monograph series, published by University of Wisconsin Press, answers a growing demand for works that provide fresh analytical perspectives on dancing, dancers, and dances in a global context. Read more...

[cover of 2015 Conversations] Issued yearly in early spring generally, Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies reflects the dynamic and diverse membership of SDHS. We seek to bring you themes and debates current in the field of dance studies and the profession, alongside news from the international community of scholars in dance and related disciplines. Read more...

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