Ballet Alert! Online An electronic newsletter edited and maintained by the admirable Alexandra Tomalonis as the official site for her print publications, Ballet Alert!, a newsletter, and DanceView, a quarterly review. It includes sections headed Ballets, Dancers, Companies, Specials, Magazines, Reviews, and Links as well as Ballet Talk, a discussion forum; The Studio, a special section for students and teachers; and The Shop, where books, compact discs, videos, computer software, and other products can be purchased. The site is updated frequently, at least weekly. Well worth a visit. An attractive site "about all things ballet and dance in the UK – and beyond." The Magazine section is updated each month; the Listings section provides information about ticket purchase; the Update section gives current news and provides a forum for the exchange of views; the Links section provides access to much information, including reviews and interviews; and the Contexts section provides "background resources that can broaden your knowledge and understanding of ballet." The tone is somewhat chatty, and commentary provided in the list of links to other ballet sites is cosily idiosyncratic.

Ballettanz International Europe's largest ballet and dance magazine covers all aspects of the classical and contemporary dance scene. Originated in Berlin, it is published in both German and English.

Dance Europe This monthly magazine, published in London since 1995, claims to be "going places other dance magazines don't go." Its Web site presents the contents of the current issue (posted in PDF), job listings, a message board, and an index of back issues.

Dance Expression Formerly titled Dance Express, this monthly magazine is edited by Jean and Ken Rush, who are based in Surrey. Billed as "the hottest UK dance magazine," it covers "everything from tap to tango, line to le roc, ballet to belly dance."

Dance Insider The only online or print source for overnight reviews of dance performances from around the world, most of them written by dancers. A daily e-mail notice of the latest reviews is available by subscription. Founded by a group of dancers and journalists in 1998 as a print publication, The Dance Insider is now on the leading edge of electronic journalism. It is edited by Paul Ben-Itzak.

Dance Magazine The granddaddy of all American dance magazines. Its Web site provides a table of contents of the current issue, a few highlights from it, performance schedules, and reviews.

Dance Online A weekly newsletter focused on contemporary dance, "new dance from around the world," this site provides news and commentary, reviews, features, and photographs.

Dancer Online The Web site of this Florida-based monthly presents features and excerpts from articles in the current issue.

Dance Teacher A promotional site aimed at studio owners and dance teachers at the amateur level.

Dancing Times This Web site provides access to both Dancing Times and Ballroom Dancing Times, the leading monthly magazines of their type in Great Britain. The site gives tables of contents of current issues, provides the text of a few sample articles, and reports news of companies and dancers.

Danz An acronym for Dance Aotearoa New Zealand, the national umbrella organization designed to meet the needs of New Zealand's dance community. The Web site reprints articles from current issues of its official magazine.

The Drama Review TDR is the journal of performance studies. It covers performance in everyday life, rituals, media, dance, theater, performance art, popular entertainments, and sports, emphasizing the experimental, the anthropological, the intercultural, and the interdisciplinary.

Flamenco Magazine An e-zine of the flamenco world, with news, photos, interviews, reviews, and current events, but also a basic reference source of Spanish music and dance, with a biographical database of more than 250 flamenco artists, and a shopping center, offering recordings and videotapes. Available in Spanish or English.

The Gilded Serpent An "Internet magazine for Middle Eastern Music and Dance," published since 1994. This sumptuous site includes articles, columns, reviews, a calendar of events, news, letters to the editor, an ad guide, a bazaar, and a photographic section of the large staff, advisers, and contributors.

Irish Dancing Magazine A monthly magazine devoted to Irish dancing all over the world. It includes news and features of the current issue and a directory and order form for back issues in print to January 1998. "A web magazine dedicated to Latin music and dance culture." It includes information and features on people, places, and events in the worlds of Latin American music and dance.

Al-Musta‘rib A newsletter devoted to historic cultures of the Arab world from the time of Harun al-Rashid (766–809) to the coming of the Mongols in 1258. Its geographic range is from al-Andalus and the Maghrib (modern Spain and Morocco) to Samarkand (modern Afghanistan). Articles focus on music and dance as well as food, garb, and local customs.

Planet Salsa An e-zine covering all aspects of salsa/mambo music and dance, with current news of the salsa scene, interviews, photographs, a calendar of events, and feature articles as well as a glossary and other reference materials. This Web site is also an online contact point for the University of Salsa.

Scena Italiana The Italian version of this Web site is also available in near English. Published for dance fans as well as dance professionals it gives news of everything that is happening on the Italian stage (scena italiana).

Sruti The Internet edition of India's premier music and dance magazine is a delight to view and use. It reproduces only "News and Notes" and "Brief Notes" from the current print edition; features and articles are drawn from the archives, and some material is created especially for the online edition. Its coverage is international, although heavily weighed toward dance on the subcontinent.

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[cover of 2012 Conversations] Issued yearly in early spring generally, Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies reflects the dynamic and diverse membership of SDHS. We seek to bring you themes and debates current in the field of dance studies and the profession, alongside news from the international community of scholars in dance and related disciplines. Read more...


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