Bedford Early Dance and Music A British group, directed by David Parsons, that organizes historical dance workshops and social events in and around Bedford, in central England.

The Calendar of Historical Dance The domain of early dance. This Web site includes much information of interest to historical dancers, including an impressive list of links to sites for festivals, conferences, organizations, and performing groups in many European countries.

Compagnie Maître Guillaume Under the artistic direction of Sophie Rousseau, this professional company is devoted to music and dance of the Renaissance in France. Its Web site, available only in French, gives details of its activities and its current schedule of performances.

Danserey Directed by Michael Böhm and based in Landshut/Germany, Danserey specializes in historical performances of "lots of dances," as its name implies. Its Web site is available in German and in English.

Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society DHDS is a British society of scholars of historical dance. It was founded in 1970 in memory of Mabel Dolmetsch. The site allows visitors to download articles from Historical Dance, the society's journal.

Medieval and Renaissance Music This site gives information on manuscript sources, facsimile editions, modern editions, and research materials. Information on music publishers, micropublishers, distributors, and national libraries, museums, and archives is also included, as are links to a number of musicological sites.

Renaissance Dance This site provides a bibliography, a discography, and a regional directory of listings of early dance organizations and programs, performing groups, upcoming performances, teachers, classes, conferences, and workshops.

Renaissance Historical Dance Society A British society of Renaissance dance scholars and performers, based in Devonshire, in southwestern England.

Western Social Dance This site provides an overview of the collection of the dance manuals in the Library of Congress, including those dealing with Burgundian dance in the late Middle Ages and those dealing with Renaissance dance. Links to the manuals themselves are also provided.

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[cover of 2014 Conversations] Issued yearly in early spring generally, Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies reflects the dynamic and diverse membership of SDHS. We seek to bring you themes and debates current in the field of dance studies and the profession, alongside news from the international community of scholars in dance and related disciplines. Read more...


SDHS Special Topics Conference, “Dance as Experience: Progressive Era Origins and Legacies”, March 26–28, 2015 in Baltimore, MD.

Conference 2015, Cut & Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity, a joint SDHS and CORD conference, will be held June 4–7, 2015 in Athens, Greece. Applications are now being accepted for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award and the Graduate Student Travel Award.


Dance Chronicle announces Founding Editors’ Awards, honoring Barbara Palfy in 2015. Sponsored by Dance Chronicle and Routledge/Taylor & Francis

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