Alegría: The Mexican Folklorico Home Page Sponsored by Los Danzantes de Alegría, this Web site includes a newsletter, a dance directory, a calendar of events, an index of related links, a bulletin board subdivided into topical categories, and a complete guide to the regional dances of Mexico. A highly successful site, both attractive and informative.

Austrian Folk Dancing This site, compiled and maintained by Roland Bauer, is one of the best on the World Wide Web. Attractively designed, easy to use, and remarkably good humored, it is a comprehensive resource on Austrian folk dancing and related material. Mostly in English, partly in German, information is presented through a lengthy index of terms. The home page advises users that they will find "much of" Volkstanz and Volksmusik such as Walzer, Zwiefacher, andLändler; "less of" Dirndl, Lederhose, Schuhplattein, and Edelweiss; and "nearly nothing about" Lippizaner, Wiener Schnitzel, and Sängerknaben. Visitors to this site will be both informed and amused.

Balkanfolk An interesting site devoted to folk dance and other folk arts in the Balkan States, including Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, and Turkey in Europe. The site includes a Catalogue (a directory of folklore artists and performers), a Forum (a message board), an online shop, and news of events.

Breton and French Dance This site is a mailing list for discussion of Breton circle and spiral dances and French country dances. Subscribers are encouraged to publicize workshops, festivals, and dance/performance dates.

Bulgarian Folklore: Dance and Music Maintained by Georgi Dimitrov, this site provides links to a number of folk dance groups as well as information on folklore festivals and folk dance and music workshops in Bulgaria.

Cajun / Zydeco Music and Dance Gateway to a world of music and dance whose motto is "Laissez les bons temps rouler." This informative Web site offers a survey of the Cajun and Creole cultures of southern Louisiana and provides news of related events and information on related activities in the United States and abroad. The good times are apparently rolling in many places far from home.

Canadian Square and Round Dance Society This site provides information on square dancing, round dancing, clogging, and contra dancing in Canada.

The Clogging Page This general site gives information on performing groups of the Appalachian folk dance known as clogging as well as on instructors who teach it. Recommended books, videos, and recordings are named.

Country Dance and Song Society The CDSS is a nonprofit organization with members in the United States, Canada, and overseas. It promotes English country dancing, contra and square dancing, Morris dancing, and folk singing, Morris bells, longswords, rapper swords, and a wide selection of books, records, cassettes, compact discs, and videos on English and American dance and music is available by mail order and at the CDSS store in Haydenville, Massachusetts. Online orders are not yet possible, but a mail-order form can be printed and faxed.

Country Western Dance Information A resource site for country-western dancers, competitors. and others interested in country-western couples, line, and partner-pair dancing. Provides links to related associations: Country Western Dance International, United Country Western Dance Council, World Line Dance Association, and others.

Elbruz & Badin The Web site of the Elbruz Caucasian Dance Ensemble and the Badin Caucasian Music Group offers not only a schedule of performances by these two troupes but also video clips of their performances and sound tracks from the largest Caucasian music archive on the Internet.

English Folk Dance and Song Society The EFDSS aims to encourage, document, and develop folk music, dance, and song traditions within England. Its Web site gives information on events at Cecil Sharp House, its headquarters in London, and on its library, publications, educational resources, aims and mission, artistic policy, and history. Links to related sites are provided.

Folk Dance Association Since 1970 this association has provided services and information for folk dancers, folk dance leaders, and folk dance groups throughout the United States and Canada. Its Web site includes a comprehensive directory of individuals and groups. "Folk dance" is here defined broadly, including Balkan folk dance, Cajun dance, clog dance, contra dance, English country dance, international folk dance, Irish dance, Israeli dance, Morris dance, Scottish country dance, Southern Mountain big circle dance, swing dance, sword dance, tap dance, turning dance, traditional square dance, vintage dance, Western square dance, Zydeco dance, and all other forms of traditional and ethnic dance."

Folk Dance Resources on the WWW A library of links to folk dance sites on the World Wide Web, compiled by Shantnu Mishra.

Gauverband Nordamerika, Inc. Founded in 1965 for the purpose of promoting Bavarian and Tirolean folk dancing, costumes, customs, and cultures, the Gauverband is an umbrella organization for more than seventy-five Schuplattler Vereine in the United States and Canada. The Web site describes the varied activities of the band, including biannual Gaufests, and provides an online library of reference works.

Greek Folk Dance Resource Manual Created in 1991 by Charlie Kyriacou, this site provides access to everything you ever wanted to know about Greek folk dance, music, folklore, and costumes.

International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs The IAGSDC is the umbrella organization for gay square dance clubs in the United States, Canada, and Australia, formed by and for lesbians and gay men in their community and for their friends. Membership is open to all square dancers, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

International Polka Association Formed in 1968, the IPA is an educational organization that aims "to encourage and pursue the study of polka music, dancing, and traditional folklore." The Polka Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Chicago contains an extensive collection of artifacts, sheet music, recordings, and memorabilia associated with polka music.

Irish Step Dancing Of numerous Web sites on Irish step dancing, this one seems to be the most comprehensive and the most reliable. Compiled and maintained by Kathleen Drew of Boston, mother of three Irish step dancers, the site provides information links, dancing school links, dancers links, and vendors links as well as online access to feis syllabuses, magazines, mailing lists, and a message board. It also offers a link to the Irish Dance Web Ring.

Recreational Folk Dancing This site offers rather skimpy bits of information on Greek dancing and Scandinavian dancing but includes a valuable set of notes on more than forty individual dances from various European traditions.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society The RSCDS was established in 1923 to protect and promote the standards of Scottish country dancing. Today it is an international organization catering to the needs of some twenty-five thousand members.

Turkhoy Founded in 1999, this organization is devoted to folk dance in Turkey. Its Web site, published in both Turkish and English, is graphically elaborate but is as yet undeveloped in content. It promises that further information on the organization and its activities will be forthcoming.

United Square Dancers of America Formed in 1981, the USDA is the world's largest square dance organization, representing more than three hundred thousand dancers. Its mission is to promote and perpetuate the "total Square Dance Movement," which includes square, round, contra, clogging, line, and heritage dancing. This Web site gives information on sources for and links to everything anyone ever wanted to know about square dancing in the United States.

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