2009 Society of Dance History Scholars
Thirty-Second Annual Conference
Stanford University
Stanford and San Francisco, California
in conjunction with Dance Critics Association
19-22 June 2009

Topographies: Sites, Bodies, Technologies

Proceedings PDF [30MB]

Contents of Proceedings

Marian Kant and Sarah Davies Cordova, compilers

1. e-Dance: using digital cartography to map the choreographic process
Helen Bailey

2. The Human Analogue in Mixed-Reality
Mike Baker

3. In the company of Strangers – Negotiating the Parameters of Indeterminacy: A Study of the Roaming Body and Departure in Urban Spaces
Mike Baker

4. Just Non-Do It! The Alexander Technique and the Intercorporeal Conference Paper
Sima Belmar & Shelley Senter

5. How the West Was Waltzed: The Legacy of the Waltz in American Country-Western culture in the early Nineteen Eighties
Kathaleen E. Boche

6. The Noyes Group: Under the Radar, but Still in the Map?
Meg Brooker

7. The Seduction of the Silhouette
Jennifer K. Buschner

8. And they Drifted Out of View: Choreographing Topography in the Work of Eiko & Koma
Rosemary Candelario

9. The New Pedestrian – Transforming Placeless-ness into Home-Place Through Street Performance
Corinne Cappelletti
10. Dualism’s Legacies: Dance and difference in London in the 21st Century
Jane Carr

11. A Path Towards Changing Space
Susan Cash

12. Beyond Representation: An Aesthetic Approach to Study on 1980 – a piece by
Pina Bausch
I Wen Chang

13. The Yellow Butterfly Flying to the South. Japanese Dancer-Choreographer
Hata-Kanoko, Her Work Beauty of Nature and the first Butoh Company in
Alice Yi-chun Chen

14. “The Petipa Problem”
Willa Collins

15. Fantastic geographies: dancing Dido across continents, centuries and genders:
from Ancient Rome, through Enlightenment London to Modern America
Rachel Duerden & Bonnie Rowell

16. A dancing body, back and forth across memories. Variations for a dancer and
a moving scenographic space
Agathe Dumont & Émilie Martz Kuhn

17. The City as Muse: How St Petersburg Inspired Petipa
Cheryl Belkin Epstein

18. (Dis)placing choreographic traditions: tracing the legacies, traditions and
export in Mauro Bigonzetti’s choreographic endeavours
Kathrina Farrugia

19. Mapping Body Politics of the Norwegian “Springdands”
Anne Margrete Fiskvik & Egil Bakka

20. Madame Mariquita, the French Fokine
Sarah Gutsche-Miller

21. Dancing politics in contemporary dance with Jacques Rancière
Stefan Hoelscher

22. Nihon Buyo: Beyond the Boundaries of Western Aesthetics
Takashi Izuha & Mieko Maruma

23. New Frontiers for Aesthetic Pedagogy: Web-cam technology as a partner in creating new places and spaces for collaboration
Luke Kahlich & Pauline Brooks

24. I’ll Stay On My Side, If You Stay On Yours: An Analysis of the Racial Divide & Africanist Presence in Target’s 2008 Dorm Room TV Commercial
Stephanie D. Kobes

25. Patterns and Process for Site-Specific Performance Workshop – Specific Performance Workshop
Debra Loewen

26. Romerías Tours: Bringing a Neighbourhood’s Past and Present Alive Through Performance and Participation
Anadel Lynton

27. Random-Access Repertory: New Imperatives for Teaching Our Dance Histories in the Millenium
Liz Maxwell

28. Heart, Soul and Spirit: Conversations between Kokoro, Culture, and Community
Samantha T. Mehra

29. Mobile Topography and Volatile Terrain: Choreographic Explorations of Seismic Movement in San Francisco
Elliot Gordon Mercer

30. Dancing on the Plaza: Investigating Theatrical Dancing in Colonial Peru through the Form and function of Lima’s Plaza Mayor
Peggy L. Murray

31. William Forsythe and the terrain of stillness
Ann Nugent

32. The Embodiment of Fractured Coalitions: Choreography as a Contact Zone of Histories
Seónagh Odhiambo

33. Space of Listening, Site of Memory: Deborah Hay and the Hellerau Festspielhaus
Selma Landen Odom

34. From Fairground Site to Website: the dancing body and visual technology in early film and YouTube
Clare Parfitt

35. Sensing weight - Topographies of proprioceptive-kinesthetic sensations
Susanne Ravn

36. A Call to Arms: Isadora Duncan’s Military Works
Elyssa Dru Rosenberg

37. Nomadic Diagrams: Choreographic Topologies
Sarah Rubidge

38. In Sites Pacific...Insights Specific?
Mary Lee Sanders

39. The circulari project
Gretchen Schiller & Paula Meijerink

40. Threshold Spaces: Movement Topologies in Dance Cultures of the 19th Century
Stephanie Schroedter

41. Dancing on the Holodeck
Sherri Segovia & Catherine Turocy

42. Àurea de Sarrà: placing dance between words and ruins
Begoña Olabarria Smith

43. Romantic Topography and Modern Technology: Charting the Nineteenth-Century Repertory
Debra Hickenlooper Sowell

44. A Vision of the Future: Bodily Experiences at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893
Adrienne Stroik

45. The political memory and its impact on the contemporary dance aesthetics on an example of works of Eszter Salamon, Saša Asentić and Polish young choreographers
Joanna Szymajda

46. Motion Capture: Making New Criteria as a Bridgehead
Reishi Watanuma, Toshihiro Irie & Mieko Marumo

47. The Panel
Beth Weinstein & Andrea Haenggi

48. Training & Construction of the Competition Body
Alexis A. Weisbrod

49. Preservation and Management of Taiwan’s Modern Dance Company Archives
Chih-Chieh Wu

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