2008 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference

Thirty-first Annual Conference

Skidmore College

Saratoga Springs, New York

12-15 June 2008

Looking Back/Moving Forward: International Symposium on Dance Research

Proceedings PDF [3.9MB]

Contents of Proceedings

Suzanne M. Jaeger and Ashanti Pretlow, compilers

Other than the two plenary sessions, the following papers and roundtable presentations are arranged according to the order of the conference program.

Plenary I: Looking Back Susan Manning
Plenary II: Moving Forward Randy Martin, Harmony Bench, Lauren Erin Brown, Kate Elswit, P. Kimberleigh Jordan, Katherine Profeta, Christina Fernandes Rosa

1. Founders Roundtable

Judith Chazin-Bennehum, George Dorris, Catherine Turocy, Selma Odom, Camille Hardy, Sondra Lomax, Barbara Palfy

2. Roundtable on the Dance Heritage Coalition’s Fair Use Project

Libby Smigel, Barbara Drazin, Peter Jaszi

3. The Religious Impulses of Early American Modern Dance: A Theory of Dance Practice

Kimerer LaMothe

4. If/Then Opensource as Computational Performance and Interactive Archive

Harmony Bench

5. Looking back at Martha Graham’s Letter to the World: Its Genesis, Its Reception, Its Legacy

Rosella Simonari

6. Looking at Loïe, Missing Modernity: A Metahistory of the Argument about the Great American Pioneers of Modern Dance

Hanna Jarvinen

7. Illuminating the Past: Recreating the lighting designs of Loïe Fuller

Megan R. Slayter

8. When Mexicans Were Welcomed Here: Revisiting Carlos Chavez' 1932 Ballet H.P.

Sharon Skeel

9. Richard Long Roundtable

Tamara Brown, Melanye White-Dixon, Takiyah Nur Amin

10. South African Ballets Based On Indigenous Themes: A Cultural Historic Perspective 1832-2007

Astrid Schwenke

11. Shoyo's Nihon Buyo

Takashi Izuha, Keiichiro Uetsuki & Mieko Marumo

12. From the Haka to Dancing with the Stars: New Zealand Men Dancing 1905-2005

Marianne Schultz

13. Tudor Today: A Centennial Glance

Judith Chazin-Bennahum, Bonnie Mathis, Kirk Peterson, Yasuko Tokunaga

14. Between the Devil and the Deep (blue) Queen: Historicizing Brazilian Identity through the Queer Black Dancing Body of Madame Satã

Cristina Fernandes Rosa

15. Consuming Dance: A brief history of the dance-commercial

Colleen Dunagan

16. A Conversation with Dance History: Beyond Disarticulated Bodies

Seónagh Odhiambo

17. Ralph Lemon and the Buck Dance

Katherine Profeta

18. Dance History as an Imagined Space: The Dance School at Dartington Hall, Its Mutable Past and Uncertain Future

Larraine Nicholas

19. Reflecting on the 25 years of dance history research in Cenidi-Danza

Anadel Lynton

20. Throwing Myself Back to That Time: Dancing in the Archive

Tresa Randall

21. Looking backwards in order to move forwards in an analysus of Pina Bausch’s Bluebeard (1977)

Sophia Preston

22. Performing Politics: Martha Graham’s Appalachian Spring and the State Department Tour of 1955-1956

Victoria Phillips Geduld

23. Exploring the Corporeality of Rarely Used Choreo-graphic Records of the 19th Century: The Notebooks of the Opfermanns (Germany/Austria) and Henri Justamant (France)

Robert Atwood and Claudia Jeschke

24. In the Spirit of Pearl: Pearl Primus Collection

Ursula Payne

25. Drawing out the Connections between the Past and the Present: The Lost Dances of Egon Schiele (2002) by Lea Anderson

Henia Rottenberg

26. Choreographic Structure in Dances by Dezais

Ken Pierce

27. They have done it all: George Balanchine and Folk Dance

Lisa Arkin, Beth Genné and Marian Smith

28. Setting the Air on Fire: Loie Fuller and the Task of 'New Biography'

Rhonda Garelick

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