2007 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference

Thirtieth Annual Conference / Trentième colloque annuel
Co-sponsored with / En partenariat avec CORD
Centre national de danse
Paris, France
21-24 June/juin 2007

Re-Thinking Practice and Theory: International Symposium on Dance Research Repenser pratique et théorie: Colloque international de recherche en danse


Ann Cooper Albright, Dena Davida, & Sarah Davies Cordova, compilers/compilatrices

CONVERSATIONS Twelve questions on Re-thinking Theory and Practice, taken from the twelve moderators' notes and arranged by Susan L. Foster

Repenser pratique et théorie: douze questions, réunies d’après les notes des douze modérateurs par Susan L. Foster [translation/traduction – Sarah Davies Cordova]

PAPERS / COMMUNICATIONS The following papers are arranged according to the order of the symposium’s program.
Les communications ci-dessous suivent l'ordre donné dans le programme du colloque.

  1. Theoretical interventions and corporeal subjectivities
    Ramsay Burt
  2. Le mobile – squelette et le corps alien
    Dominique Buttaud & Alain Josserand
  3. The Symbolic Re-creation of Dance: a Mexican Example
    Carlo Bonfiglioli
  4. Chahut: The Mediation of Rationalism and the Unruly Body in the Cancan
    Clare Parfitt
  5. Transmission – Creation – Trance
    Catherine Augé
  6. “My hands are plunged in oranges”…: An Experiential Account of a Working Process
    Jenny Roche
  7. “Greek” Desires in Paris: Isadora Duncan Dances Antiquity in the Lesbian Salon
    Samuel N. Dorf
  8. Renegade Gender: Theorizing the Female Body in Extreme Motion
    Sara Wolf
  9. Resisting Theory: The Dancing Body and American Scholarship
    Kent De Spain
  10. Dance: A Discourse Mode
    Nadra Majeed Assaf
  11. De la danse du ventre à la danse orientale : quelles théories et quelles pratiques derrière le choix du nom
    Constance Adinsi
  12. Pertinence des catégories esthétiques traditionnelles pour la danse contemporaine à l’époque du multiculturalisme
    Joanna Szymajda
  13. Witnessing the birth of a ballet: The ideal of Korean ballet and the Premiere of Choon Hyang
    Ok Hee Jeong
  14. Dance, anthropology, and research through practice
    Andrée Grau
  15. Constructing dance knowledge in the field: bridging the gap between realisation and concept
    Georgiana Gore & Egil Bakka
  16. Loie Fuller’s Ballet of Light: Re-imagining a 1908 Media Spectacle in the Digital Age
    Jody Sperling
  17. Theory of Alwin Nikolais: improvising, exploring, examining and defining
    Marc Lawton
  18. Praticien/chercheur : co-construire les savoirs
    Joëlle Vellet
  19. une danse pour la radio: deux
    Sally Doughty
  20. Performing Theory / Staging Dance History
    Yvonne Hardt
  21. Re-thinking practice and theory from an Italian perspective
    Susanne Franco
  22. Practising Dance History: Reflections on the shared processes of dance historians and dance makers
    Alexandra Carter
  23. Site-Body Relationship: Exploring Site-Specific Dance Performance through Practice-as-Research
    Victoria Hunter
  24. Embodying history/making connections: Frederick Ashton and Martha Graham
    Henrietta Bannerman
  25. The Non integrated Body of Tatsumi Hijikata’s Ankoku-butoh in the 1970s
    Naomi Inata
  26. Some Steps Towards a Historical Epistemology of Corporeality
    Hanna Järvinen
  27. Re-thinking the History of Dance in the 20th Century Iran: Nationalizing Dance to Exhibit Iranian Identity
    Ida Meftahi
  28. The Darkness Project – rethinking the visibility on a stage
    Tomi Humalisto
  29. Liaison hydrogène : immersion au cœur d’un double processus
    [Conférence dansée / forme alternative]
    Corinne Kremer-Hein & Sosana Marcelino
  30. L’anacrouse gestuelle au coeur d’une écriture scénique ?
    Philippe Guisgand & Laurent Pichaud
  31. No Fists in the Air: Anna Sokolow and the Cold War
    Hannah J. Kosstrin
  32. Scottish Cultural Policy and the Performance of Nationhood
    Ashley Smith
  33. Photographs and Dancing Bodies: Alvin Ailey’s 1967 US State Department Sponsored Tour of Africa
    Clare Croft
  34. Reputation as Collective Practice: Insiders and Mediators of Dalcroze Eurhythmics
    Selma Landen Odom
  35. The materiality of theory: Print practices and the construction of meaning through Kellom Tomlinson’s The Art of Dancing explain’d(1735)
    Marie Glon
  36. Rôle de la pratique chez les théoriciens de la danse aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles
    Françoise Dartois-Lapeyre
  37. Dancing at the Surface: Digital Media and the ‘No Place’ of Dance
    Harmony Bench
  38. Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe: Trance as a Cultural Commodity
    Bridget E. Cauthery
  39. De la bascule : pour une expérience du jeu du désir
    Enora Rivière
  40. What does it take to Bend the Lines?
    Jill Nunes Jensen
  41. Le danseur de ballet en miroir
    Francis Rousseaux
  42. Introduction to the Paris Panel honoring Ivor Guest
    Judith Chazin-Bennahum
  43. Complicating the Idea of French National Identity
    Lynn Garafola
  44. Tribute to Ivor Guest
    Jane Pritchard
  45. Celebrating Ivor Guest in Paris
    Marian Smith
  46. Medieval Christian Women’s Theories and Practices of Sacred Dance
    Jessica Van Oort
  47. Choreography of the Temple? Questions of Theory and Practice in the performance of British Hinduism
    Ann David
  48. Site under construction: Taking ‘Reading Performance’ literally
    Astrid Bernkopf
  49. The body of identity – Reflections on a theory of the solo in dance
    Sandra Noeth
  50. The paradox of techne. Perspectives on the ballet d’action
    Sabine Huschka
  51. Analyser les processus de création en danse contemporaine. Etude de cas : le processus de création de 9 de Loïc Touzé
    Aurore Després
  52. La lecture comme geste
    Barbara Formis & Julie Perrin
  53. Improvisation in dance: Lecture/Performance with Friederike Lampert
    Gabriele Brandstetter
  54. A Fresh Look at Le Corsaire
    Willa Collins
  55. From the written word to the dancing body: Libretto and performance practice in Théophile Gautier
    Elena Cervellati
  56. Theorizing Depictions and Descriptions: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Dancing in Late Renaissance Europe
    [Panel Discussion]
    Alessandro Arcangeli
  57. L’iconographie de la danse et l’exemple des tableaux de bals : un autre éclairage sur la pratique et la théorie pour la Renaissance
    Chloé Dalesme
  58. Hypothesizing a Chorea Speculativa: English Renaissance Dance in Theory and Practice
    Emily F. Winerock
  59. Dance and theôria in Greek antiquity: Homer, Plato and Lucian of Samosate, beyond the distinction practice-theory
    Michel Briand
  60. Enjeux de la pratique de la danse contemporaine en prison
    Laurence Pagès
  61. Gene Kelly and Invitation to the Dance – Past and Present: A Reconsideration
    Ray Miller
  62. Revealing the Wizard of Oz: Interrelationships between performer-dancer, performer-operator and digital sprite
    Scott Palmer & Sita Popat
  63. Accented Body and Beyond: a Model for Practice-Led Research with Multiple Theory/Practice Outcomes
    Cheryl Stock
  64. Des gestes, des mémoires. Les représentations de Lia Rodrigues autour de la figure du « Musulman » des camps de concentration.
    Mattia Scarpulla
  65. Performing capoeira angola’s tactics of deception in the chamada
    Ana Paula Höfling
  66. Repenser la Modernité (Re-Thinking Modernity)
    Gabriele Klein
  67. A Fight as Celebration: Embodied Conflict and Ecstatic Connection in the Argentine Tango Dance Community in Chicago
    Susan Lamberth
  68. Repertoire: practice vs. theory. The Greek paradigm.
    Christos Papakostas
  69. Let’s Talk about Flesh or What Is Left of the Body, When We Speak about Dance?
    Susanne Feollmer
  70. Being With It: Dance Theory and Cultural Transfer in the Work of Hanya Holm
    Tresa Randall
  71. L’influence des théories du corps à l’œuvre dans le Butô de Tatsumi Hijikata sur les pratiques des danseurs contemporains en France
    Sylviane Pagès
  72. While Dancing the Oriental…-- Rethinking Aesthetic Translations of Sadayakko and Ruth St. Denis
    Chia-Yi Seetoo
  73. Dancing toward Integration: A Mixed-Methods Study of Argentine Tango, Adult Health/Well-being, Aging, and Spirituality in Philadelphia
    Elizabeth Marie Seyler
  74. Choreography as Live Theoretical Practice
    Brenda Farnell & Robert Wood
  75. Martha Hill’s Legacy: Putting Theory into Practice
    Elizabeth McPherson
  76. Technique class in dance teaching: questioning the obvious
    Nicole Harbonnier-Topin
  77. La notion d’incorporation dans les théories du corps en danse
    Christophe Apprill
  78. Itinéraires d’une recherche pratique et théorique sur une « corporéité dansante »
    Andréa Mendes
  79. Transposition and Didactic Engineering of Kathak: A case study on the conception of teaching contents of Indian classical dance in a cross-cultural context in France
    Malini Ranganathan
  80. In anticipation of the 25th anniversary of CenidiDanza
    Anadel Lynton
  81. La théorisation de l’improvisation chez William Forsythe en tant qu’outil pédagogique singulier: la création du CD ROM “Improvisation Technologies”
    Bailiana Vassileva Fouilhoux
  82. The Theory and Practice of ‘Experiencing’ Dance
    Olive Beecher
  83. “Just As It Comes to You”: Choreographing Alternatives to the Lacanian Self
    Annie Arnoult Beserra
  84. Movement as a Bodily Process – on dancers’ concerns, awareness and sensing
    Susanne Ravn
  85. The Sallé-Camargo Opposition: Fact or Fancy?
    [Abstract of joint presentation]
    Nathalie Lecomte & Rebecca Harris-Warrick
  86. Women dancing out norms in 16th century Italy
    Marina Nordera
  87. Aspects and problems of approaching historiographical dance research from the perspective of a modern dancer
    Riikka Korppi-Tommola
  88. La théorie – une nécessité pour la pratique?! Reflets sur la Collaboration du couple danseurs et chorégraphes Pia et Pino Mlakar avec Albrecht Knust, danseur, notateur et moteur-développeur de la notation labanienne
    Vesna Mlakar
  89. Danse écrite ou La Terpsi-choro-graphie ou Nouvel Essay de Théorie de la danse : manuscript dated 1813 by Jean-Étienne Despréaux kept at the Bibiliothèque of the Paris Opéra
    Flavia Pappacena
  90. Les « théories » de danses nouvelles en France dans l’entre-deux-guerres : quelles sources ces documents constituent-ils pour la connaissance des pratiques dansées?
    Sophie Jacotot
  91. The Practice of Dance at the Crossroad between Pragmatic Documentation, Artistic Creativity and Political Reflection: Sources of the Theatrical Dance of the Early 19th Century
    Stephanie Schroedter
  92. A Path between Practice and Theory: Philosophies of the Body and Systems of Recording Dance
    Sue In Kim
  93. Le Ballet National de Cuba : une théorisation du corps cubain
    Pauline Vessely
  94. L’étude théorique et pratique des traités de danse allemands au tournant des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles : entre théorie et pratique. Pratique et théorie dans la reconstruction de la technique de la danse française d’après le traité de Gottfried Taubert
    Jean-Noël Laurenti avec la participation de Christine Bayle & d’Irène Ginger
  95. Pierre Rameau, quelques clefs et certaines pistes
    Christine Bayle
  96. Driving meaning in dance: Kristeva’s account of signification collides with Laban’s efforts
    Anne Burnidge & Victoria Watts
  97. Immersive Theatre: Dance practice-based research about the perceptive space of dance within traditional theatre, and new possibilities of perception.
    Claire Buisson
  98. Re-creating dances of Harald Kreutzberg
    John Pennington and Emma Lewis Thomas
  99. Les mots et les gestes, une interaction subtile et profonde
    Maurice Courchay
  100. Improvisation as an Embodied 'Practice' of Mallorquin Dance
    Linda Dankworth
  101. Ethnic Dance: Cultural Identity or Global Imagination
    Hwan Jung Jae

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