2006 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference
Twenty-Ninth Annual Conference
The Banff Centre
Banff, Alberta, Canada
15-18 June 2006


Allana Lindgren, Compiler

  1. Rebekah J. Kowal"African Note from Pearl Primus": Diasporic Subjectivity and Postwar Internationalism
  2. Jody Sperling Sublime or Ridiculous?: Some Thoughts on Marie Leyton's Electrical Serpentine Dance of the 1890s
  3. Jane Skinner Peck Reconstructing Lewis and Clark: Dance as Diplomacy
  4. Ana Paula Höfling Resistance from the Inside: An Analysis of the jogo de dentro in Brazilian Capoeira Angola
  5. Brenda Farnell Choreographing Colonialism in the American West
  6. Katita Milazzo Spanish Dance — A "Self-Taught Act with American Ingenuity"?
  7. Renate Brä:uninger United States Politics and Imperial Ballets: A Coincidence?
  8. Beth Genné Swine Lake: American Satire of Russian Ballet and What it tells Us
  9. Carol Anderson Permeable Worlds in the Choreography of Santee Smith
  10. Anna Paskevska The Role of Institutions in the Propagation of Ballet Technique
  11. Judith Chazin-Bennahum René Blum and the Rebirth of the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo
  12. Clare Croft Who’s That Girl: Gendered Images in the Mirrors of Center Stage
  13. Mary R. Strow Biographical Research in Library Landscapes: The Case of Dorathi Bock Pierre
  14. Hanna Järvinen Incorrect Images of the Empire: Ballets Russes in the Russian Press, 1909-1914
  15. Bonnie Rowell Postmodern Narratives: Multiple Histories, Autobiography and Understanding
  16. Ray Miller Dance in the Plays of Maxim Mazumdar and Daniel MacIvor
  17. Ninotchka Bennahum Space & Place in Islamic Spain: Histories of Middle Eastern Performance in Cordoba & Granada
  18. Suzanne M. Jaeger Making Dance History and the Politics of Influence
  19. Katherine Cornell Dance in Crisis: Rhetoric from the Dance Community and Policy at the Canada Council for the Arts
  20. Margaret O'Shea Provocative Loci: The Banff Centre for the Arts and Other Places of Dance Creation
  21. Valerie E. Gerry Embodiment of the Revolution: An Ideological Study of Cuban Modern Dance
  22. Suki John Bread and Blackouts: Cuban Modern Dance
  23. Dawn Springer The Right to Move: An Examination of Dance, Cabaret Laws, and Social Movements
  24. Amy Bowring Moving Mountains: A History of Dance and Movement at the Banff School of Fine Arts, 1933-1967
  25. Anna Mouat losing ground: Seeking Functional Support in the Landscape of Dance
  26. Helena Hammond Making Dance Epic: Ballet, Brecht and Britain
  27. Robin Prichard Presentation and Discussion: Issues of Authenticity and Change in Aboriginal
  28. Vida L Midgelow A Little Fleshy Philosophy – Improvised Dance Practice as Research
  29. Susan Cash Dancing Space into Place/Moving Nature: How do We See Space?
  30. Jamie Lynn Webster The Politics of Passion and Purity: Cultural Idealism and the Choreography of Crypt Scenes from Prokofiev'sRomeo and Juliet

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