2004 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference
Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina
17-20 June 2004

2005 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference
Twenty-Eight Annual Conference
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois
9-12 June 2005


Susan C. Cook, Compiler

Duke University: 17-24 June 2004

  1. Claudia Gitelman Dancing with the GI Bill
  2. Kimiko Okamoto Discord within Organic Unity: Phrasal Relations between Music and Choreography in Early Eighteenth-Century French Dance
  3. Grainne McArdle Dance in Dublin Theatres 1729-35
  4. Vida Midgelow Queer Insertions: Javier de Frutos and the Erotic
  5. Melissa Blanco Borelli Becomings and Belongings: Lucy Guerin's The Ends of Things
  6. Jill Nunes Jensen Beyond the Marley: Theorizing Ballet Studio Spaces as Spheres Not Mirrors
  7. Geraldine Morris Exploring Ashton's Stravinsky Dances: How Research Can Inform Today’s Dancers
  8. E.F. Winerock Dance References in the Records of Early English Drama: Alternative Sources for Non-Courtly Dancing, 1500-1650
  9. David Wilson Regional Traditions in the French Basse Dance
  10. Cynthia Bond Perry Valerie Bettis: Finding Form in The Desperate Heart
  11. Jonette Lancos Japanese Floating World: The Influence of Ukiyo-e on Early Modern Dance 1890-1930
  12. Judith Brin Ingber "I Wouldn't Cross the Street to See That": Modern Dancers Who Survived the Holocaust in America
  13. Juan Ann Tai Paul Taylor's Influence on the Development of Dance in Taiwan
  14. Barbara Dickinson Walking Miracles: A Process Narrative of an Original Dance/Theater Work Created from Stories Told by Six Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
  15. Andrea Mantell-Seidel Encounters across Cultures and Communities: El Groupo Cultural Uk'Ux Pop Wuj de Maya and the Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble
  16. Hannah Kosstrin Dance in Another Dimension: Investigating Lois Greenfield's Photography

  17. Northwestern University: 9-12 June 2005

  18. Joanna Bosse Performing Whiteness: An Ethnographic Case Study of Ballroom Dance in Central Illinois
  19. Wayne Heisler Jr. "Do You Know What You Saw?" Foreign Liquors and Jewish Matzos in Heinrich Kröller's and Richard Strauss's "Whipped Cream" Ballet
  20. Tamara Tomic-Vajagic Infinite Possibilities: The Use of Formal Elements as a Creative Contribution of Dancers in Performance of Nonrepresentational Ballet, with Specific Reference to Suzanne Farrell
  21. Annabel Rutherford The Invisible Dance: Oscar Wilde's Influence on the Creation of Serge Diaghilev's Ballets
  22. Ken Pierce Shepherd and Shepherdess Dances on the French Stage in the Early 18th Century
  23. Felicity Malloy, Debra Laub, and Philippe Campays Spacemaking: The Landscape of Our Experience
  24. Claude Conyers Katherine Dunham and the Movies, 1939-1964
  25. Linda Sears Carnal Glory: The Reinscription of the Gay Male in Dance History
  26. Carrie Gaiser The "Ruin" of Balanchine's La Valse
  27. Francie Johnson with Patricia Dye From the Belly of the Drum: Transmitting from the Cultural Center to the Body Through the Pedagogy of Chuck Davis and Katherine Dunham
  28. Terry Monaghan The Chicago and Harlem Savoy Ballrooms—Different Cultures—Different Fortunes
  29. Bridget E. Cauthery Zab Maboungou: Trance and Locating Other
  30. Hema Rajagopalan and Bill Jordan Centering the Classical Dance of India in the Body and the World
  31. Melissa Teodoro The Displacement of Cumbia's Center: From Religious Processions, to Social Circle Dances, to Urban Carnival Parades
  32. Vida Midgelow Postfeminist Corporealities and the Choroegraphy of La Ribot
  33. Isabel Valverde Interfacing Dance and Technology: Towards a Posthuman
  34. M. Candace Feck Inverse Contextualization: Writing about Dance form the Inside Out
  35. Susan Tenneriello Allegory, Parody, and a Taste for the Undesirable in Jean-Philippe Rameau's Platée: Poor "Thing," Why Aren't You Laughing?
  36. Elizabeth Drake-Boyt Upside Down and Inside Out: Ted Shawn's Gnossienne as Avant-garde Art
  37. Sherrie Barr Finding the Margin in the Center: The Dance Sensibility of Peter DiMuro
  38. Diane Wawrejko Re-Centring the Centre: Nagrin's Experiments in Interactive Improvisation

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