2003 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference

Twenty-sixth Annual Conference
University of Limerick
Limerick, Ireland
26–29 June 2003


  1. Toby Bennett. The Articulate Lower Leg: An Exploration Into the effects of Changes in Jumping Technique in Ballet
  2. Ramsay Burt. Hospitality and Translation in Katherine Dunham’s L’Ag’Ya
  3. Alexandra Carter. Webs of Identity, Webs of Heritage: A Conceptual and Historical Examination of ‘the Birth of English Ballet”
  4. Anne Daye. The Irish Masque at Court: Metamorphosis in the Jacobean Masque
  5. Sherril Dodds. Privileging the Popular in Dance Studies
  6. Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt. Dancing Along the Funding Tightrope: Project Grand Jeté and Canada’s National Ballet School
  7. Sarah Nixon. Gasyna Dance and the Terror: A Semiological Account of the Bals à Victime
  8. Moira Goff. John Thurmond Junior-John Weaver’s Successor?
  9. Yvonne Hardt. Relational Movement Patterns: The Diversity of Movement Choirs and Their Social Potential in the Weimar Republic
  10. Petri Hoppu. Wedding Dances and Dance Weddings
  11. Carla Stalling Huntington. Ninette De Valois, Lydia Lapokova and John Maynard Keynes, III: Economics and Ballet in London 1932-1942
  12. Stephen Johnson. Juba’s Dance: An Assessment of Newly Acquired Documentation
  13. Stephanie Jordan and Lorraine Nicholas Putting the Canon in Its Place:Tales From the Database “Stravinsky the Global Dancer”
    Rebekah J. Kowal.
    "From Remembrance Came a Dance": The Cultural Meanings of Narrative in Donald McKayle’s Early Choreography
  14. Christian Matjias. Hearing the Dance: The George Balanchine Critical Editions Vol I-Concerto Barocco Revisited
  15. Vesna Mlakar. Richard Strauss and Ballet: Outcomes of a Misunderstanding
  16. Terry Monaghan and Mo Dodson. Fractured Legacy: Why Did the Irish Contribute So Much to American Tap Dance and So Little to the Lindy Hop?
  17. Geraldine Morris. The Making of a National Style: The Emergence of an English Dancing Style in the Early 20th Century
  18. Ken Pierce. Uncommon Steps and Notation in the Sarabande de Mr. de Beauchamp
  19. Tresa M. Randall. Interculturalism and Authenticity in the Work of Uday Shankar
  20. Tilden Russell. On Translating Taubert: A Preliminary Report
  21. Madison U. Sowell. Romantic-Era Almanacs and Dance History Research
  22. Karen Vedel. Narrating Dance Modernism: The Role of ‘Plasticity’ in the Aesthetics of Dance in Denmark Around Year 1900
  23. Donna M. White. A Legacy of German Traditions in Modern Dance at the University of Utah: Hanya Holm and Alwin Nikolais

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