1998 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference

Twenty-first Annual Conference
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
18–21 June 1998


1. Maura Keefe. Encircling LMA: Talking and Dancing in Claire Porter's Green Dress Circle
2. Karen Schaffman. Colliding Kinespheres: Investigating the "Point" between Labananalysis and Contact Improvisation
3. Colleen Dunagan. Complicating Minimalism: Yvonne Rainer's Trio A, Laban Movement Analysis, and Qualitative Quantities
4. Kirsche Dickson. Kinespheric Negotiation: Rudolf Laban, Martha Graham, and the Choreography of Individualism
5. Anadel Lynton Snyder. Mujeres: A Surprising Cry for Women's Liberation Comes from Mexico
6. Sandra Noll Hammond. Windows into Romantic Ballet, Part II: Content and Structure of Solo Entrées from the Early Nineteenth Century
7. Janice LaPointe-Crump. Not Your Ordinary Ballet Girl: August Bournonville's Romantic Heroines
8. Lisa C. Arkin. Continuity in National Dance Technique in Early Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Dance Sources
9. Giannandrea Poesio. Carabosse Revisited: Enrico Ceccheitti and the Lost Language of Mime
10. Anuradha Jonnalagadda. Changing Contours of Kuchipudi: Evolution of a Regional Dance Form of South India
11. Hannelore Mag Unfried and Jürgen Kroemer. Grotesque Dancing: A Key (Experience) to the Baroque Serious Stage Dancing Style
12. Jill Antonides. Night Journey and the Reconfiguration of Narrative
13. Janet O'Shea. Unbalancing the Authentic/Partnering Tradition: Shobana Jeyasingh's "Romance...with Footnotes"
14. M. A. Greenstein and Ramaa Bharadvaj. Bharata Natyam: Translation, Spectacle, and the Degeneration of Arangetram in Southern California Life
15. Lisa Marie Naugle. The Body as Interface: Using Computers in Dance
16. Mary C. Hill. Ambiguity Materialized: The Influence of Sigmund Freud on Martha Graham's Early Modern Dance Expression
17. Ann Vachon. Immortalizing, Preserving, Interpreting, and Creating: A Limón Documentary Film
18. Sarah Rubidge. Re-addressing Traditional Dance in Contemporary Uganda
19. Sebnem Selisik Aksan. Theatrical Dance in the Republic of Turkey
20. Petri Hoppu. The Minuet in Swedish-Speaking Ostrobothnia during the Twentieth Century
21. Robin Collen and Judith Kennedy. Reproduction, Recreation, and Creation – Choreographer and Reconstructor Judith Kennedy: Three Decades of Historical Dance at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
22. Joann W. Kealiinohomoku. A Post-Conference Examination of "Confluences," University of Cape Town, 1997
23. Karen W. Hubbard. Coon Carnival, Nonracial Dance, and Monkey Sauce
24. Pamela Sofras. Dance as a Part of the Arts Curriculum in South African Schools: Probing Questions
25. Linda Yudin. From Black South African Street Forms to the Confluences Cape Town Concert Stage, Zulu Land Dance, and Beyond: A Video Report
26. Phylise Smith. Xhosa Dance: Continuum between Traditional and Contemporary
27. Toby Cecchetti Bennett. Movement and the Repertoire in Performance
28. Ann Hutchinson Guest. TStyle in Danceitle
29. Don Addison. The Native American Sneak-up Dance Song
30. Anita Gonzales. Powwow Dancing and Native Rap: American Indian Dance Patronage and the Politics of Spirituality
31. Ivor Guest. Ballet under Napoleon
32. Sophia Preston. Iconography and Intertextuality: The Discreet Charm of Meaning
33. Felicia McCarren. Swan Lake / Last Night / Still Here: Dance, Sex, Sickness, and Silence at Century's End
34. Sally Banes. The Last Conversation: Eisenstein's Carmen Ballet
35. Valerie A. Briginshaw. Theorizing the Performativity of Lesbian Dance
36. Ramsay Burt. Interpreting Jean Borlin's Dervishes: Masculine Subjectivity and the Queer Male Dancing Body
37. Deda Cristina Colonna. Variation and Persistence in the Notation of the Loure "Aimable Vainqueur"
38. Julie Andrijeski. The Elusive Loure
39. Mary Anne Santos Newhall. Illuminating the Dark Heart: A Re-creation of Mary Wigman's Hexentanz (1926)
40. Program
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