1997 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference

Twentieth Annual Conference
Barnard College
New York, New York
19–22 June 1997


1. Burt Ramsay. Laban in Yorkshire: Interrogating the Grand Narratives of Dance Scholarship
2. Garry Lester. Margaret Barr: Epic Individual and Fringe Dweller
3. Barbara Sparti. What Can Pictures Tell Us (And Not Tell Us) About Dance? Reading Italian Renaissance Dance Iconography
4. Michelle Heffner. Blood Wedding: Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Flamenco
5. Libby Smigel. Masquerading Intentions: The Bal Masqué in Victorian Perception and Practice
6. Susan C. Cook. Tango Lizards and Girlish Men: Performing Masculinity on the Social Dance Floor
7. Anne Daye. The Sun-King Eclips'd
8. Juliette Willis. Dancing Cultural Identity: Grotesque Bodies at London's Bartholomew Fair
9. Anita Gonzalez. Re-Configuring African Slave Dancing in Mexico: Popular Imaginations of Jarocho
10. Kim Chandler Vaccaro. The Contribution of Jazz Dance to a New Conception of the Social Dancing Body as Perceived by Mura Dehn
11. Deda Cristina Colonna. Comparative Study of the Different Versions of the Passacaille of Armide
12. Paige Whitley-Baugues. Same Music, Different Dance: Analysis and Comparison of Dances by Louis Pecour and Anthony L'Abbé Choreographed to the Same Music and Phrasing as a Reconstruction Tool
13. Patrizia Veroli. Walter Toscanini's Vision of Dance
14. Marjorie B. Perces and Ana Marie Forsythe. Lester Horton
15. Cynthia Jean Cohen Bull Roundtable. Susan Leigh Foster, Mark Franko, Randy Martin, Ninotchka Bennahum, Jennifer Fisher, June Vail
16. Lisa C. Arkin. The Mazurka and the Krakovia: Two Polish National Dances in Michel Saint-Léon's Dance Notebooks, 1829–1830
17. Sandra Noll Hammond. Windows into Romantic Ballet: Content and Structure of Four Early Nineteenth-Century Pas de Deux
18. Brady Earnhart. Giselle's Onstage Audience
19. Giannandrea Poesio. Galop, Gender, and Politics in the Italian Ballo Grande
20. Claudia Jeschke. Marianne Vogelsang: Ausdruckstanz Choreographer in the German Democratic Republic
21. Karen A. Mozingo. Fractured Images: Montage and Gender in Pina Bausch's Tanztheater
22. Stephanie Schroedter. Demonstration of a Database Concerning Dance Literature from the Late Seventeenth to the Early Nineteenth Century Held at the Derra De Moroda Dance Archives, Salzburg, Austria
23. Elizabeth A. Cain. Electronic Access to Dance Resources: The "Il Papa" Manuscript
24. Madeleine M. Nichols. Art and Artifact: The Digital Option, A Case Study of the "II Papa" Manuscript
25. Janet Mansfield Soares. Barnard's 1932 and 1933 Dance Symposiums: Bringing Dance to the University
26. Katherine Tucker McGinnis. At Home in the "Casa del Trombone ": A Social-Historical View of Sixteenth-Century Dancing Masters
27. Sibylle Dahms. New Light on Eighteenth-Century Social Dance in Germany
28. Ken Pierce. Dance Vocabulary in the Early Eighteenth-Century as Seen through Feuillet's Step Tables
29. Karen Woods, Nena Couch, and Ligia Pinherio. The Rape of the Lock, A Ballet in Eighteenth-Century Style
30. Barbara Stratyner. Wallflower at a Cotillion
31. Marcia B. Siegel and Beth Lessard. Olympian Romance
32. Angela Kane. Parallel Narratives: The Private and Public Domains of Paul Taylor's Dances
33. Joan L. Erdman. Cross-Cultural Discourses: Writing of Uday Shankar
34. Bageshree Vaze. When North Meets South: The Use of Hindustani Music in the Context of Bharatha Natyam Dance
35. Marilynn Danitz. Hadassah's Use of Traditional Movement Gesture Exemplified by "Shuvi Hafshi"
36. Julia Sutton. Cadential Formulae in Music and Dance in Sixteenth-Century Italy
37. Carol Pharo. Musical Form and Dance Form: The Role of Cadential Formulae in Early Eighteenth-Century Choreographies
38. Catherine Turocy. Reflections on Gilbert Austin's Chironomia and Dance Conventions of the Eighteenth Century
39. Program
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