1988 Society of Dance History Scholars Conference

Eleventh Annual Conference
North Carolina School of the Arts
12–14 February 1988


1. Jack Anderson. The Ballets Russes: Past and Future
2. David Vaughan. The Ballets Russes and Painters of the Avant-Garde
3. Debra Sowell. Masked Performance in the Repertory of Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
4. Rebecca Harris-Warrick and Carol G. Marsh. A New Source for Late Seventeenth-Century Ballet: The Philidor/Favier Manuscript
5. Paige Whitley-Bauguess. The Search for Mlle Guyot
6. Ken Pierce. Saut What? (Sauts in Early Eighteenth-Century Dance)
7. Janet Rowson Davis. René Blum: 1878–1942
8. Nedezda Mosusova. The Heritage of the Ballet Russe in Yugoslavia between the Two World Wars
9. Kay Bardsley. Isadora Duncan and the Russian Ballet
10. Judith Chazin-Bennahum. Shedding Light on Dark Elegies
11. Wanda Ochoa. The Art of Choreography and the Principle of Counterpoint
12. Judith Brin Ingber. Disarray and Dance Research Libraries
13. Amy Alpers. Denham, Sergei, 1896–1970: Records of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo ca. 1936–1978
14. Sondra Lomax. Ballet Russe Materials in the Hoblitzelle Theatre Arts Library
15. Barbara Palfy. From Manuscript to Bookstore: A Forum on Dance-Book Publishing
16. Ruth Nyman. The Politics of Entrances in The Sleeping Beauty
17. Lynn Garafola. Looking Backward: Retrospective Classicism in the Diaghilev Repertory of the Twenties
18. Dawn Lille Horwitz. Michel Fokine – Choreography of the Thirties
19. George Dorris. Massine in 1938: Style and Meaning
20. Igor Youskevitch. George Balanchine as I Knew Him
21. Barbara Sparti. Giambattista Dufort and La Danse Noble – Italian Style
22. Jennifer Rieger. The Minuet: Neoclassicism in Motion
23. Naima Prevots. University Courses in Pageantry and American Dance, 1911–1925
24. Dina Dahbany-Miraglia. American Yemenite Jewish Dance: The Oldtimers and Their Children
25. Tamara Toumanova. Best Wishes
26. Program

This collection of papers was compiled from camera-ready copies provided by authors who wished to contribute their papers as a record of the 1988 conference. No editing was done.

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