Laurie Atkins Cultivating Listening, Presence, and Creativity in the Undergraduate Dance Student: An Exploration of Anna Halprin’s Life/Art Process in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina
Helen Bailey e-Dance: using digital cartography to map embodied cognition in the choreographic process
Mike Baker In the Company of Strangers: Negotiating the parameters of meetings, exchanges and conversations in Urban spaces
Egil Bakka Mapping Body Politic of the Norwegian “Springdands”
Sruti Bandopadhay Manipuri Dance in Local, National and Transnational Settings
Cheryl Belkin Epstein The City as Muse: How St. Petersburg Inspired Petipa
Sima Belmar Just Non-do it!: The Alexander Technique and the Intercorporeal Conference Paper
Harmony Bench Navigation: Multi-Media Choreographies for Distributed Subjectivities
Shelley Berg Twisted Sisters: Eleo Pomare’s Las Desenamorades
Jessica Berson Remapping the Erotic Body: Redressing and Undressing Histories of Striptease and Burlesque
Melissa Blanco Borelli Defiant Hips: Tracing Mulata Corporeality from the Spanish Inquisition to the Cuban Revolution
Katy Boche How the West Was Waltzed: The Legacy of the Waltz in American Country-Western Culture in the Early Nineteen Eighties
Allison Bory Mapping Movement, Crafting the Autobiographical Gesture
Claudia Brazzale Theoretical Moves: (Un)Disciplining Subjects—Re-Appropriating Dance as Theory
Meg Brooker “The Noyes Group: Under the Radar, but Still On the Map?”
Claire Buisson Choreographing corporeality : sites in motion »
Jennifer Buscher The Seduction of the Silhouette: An Analysis of the Dancing Body in the iPod Silhouette Advertisements
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  • 2017 Special Topics Conference
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