Symposium: The Passion of Flamenco
Duke University
February 28, 2015 from 10 am until 2:30 pm

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Dance and Culture Call for Proposals

“Dance and Culture” Area of the annual joint conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
The New Orleans Marriott
New Orleans, LA
April 1–4, 2015

Papers, Lec/Dems, Panels, Roundtables, Film Screenings, and other formats are welcome

Area Chairs: Jen Atkins and Celeste Fraser Delgado

The deadline for proposal submission has passed.

Poetry and Collaboration in the Age of Modernism

The deadline for proposal submission has passed.

Interdisciplinary conference on “Poetry and Collaboration in the Age of Modernism” to be held at Trinity College Dublin on 2–3 July 2015. This event will seek to foster scholarly attention on the collaborative nature of poetic production, mediation, and reception across Britain, Ireland, North America and beyond during the age of modernism. It will welcome contributions on any aspect of the conference theme from researchers in fields such as drama, music, dance, film, visual and material cultures, publishing and media history, as well as from literary scholars. Keynote speakers will be Alex Davis and Peter Howarth.

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Expanding Notions; Dance/Practice/Research/Method

12th international NOFOD Conference
Reykjavík, Iceland
28–31 May 2015

The realm of dance practice and research manifests itself in multiple ways. Within dance studies as an interdisciplinary field, the notions of dance, practice and research are constantly challenged, leading to fundamental questions such as: what is practice and what is knowledge? This, in turn, may open up new methodological questions. Possibilities and connections are created between methods in practice and methods in research, in ways that lead us to revisit and revise the concept of method as such, and as a consequence question different approaches to knowledge. This conference will address the multiple understandings of methodologies in dance practice and research, in order to contest preconceived conceptions of methods and revise our understanding of doing and knowing.

The deadline for proposal submission has passed.

Oxford Annual Dance Symposium at New College, University of Oxford

An annual meeting for scholars and practitioners to discuss aspects of court and theatre dance, including music, performance practice, social and literary links during the long eighteenth century, organised by Michael Burden and Jennifer Thorp. For more details, lists of publications arising from the symposia, and calls for papers for the upcoming symposium, see the symposium website

16th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium, in association with the Oxford Centre for Life Writing at Wolfson College, took place in Oxford on 15 & 16 April 2014. Keynote speaker: Shearer West.

SDHS publications

Studies in Dance History SDHS’s monograph series, published by University of Wisconsin Press, answers a growing demand for works that provide fresh analytical perspectives on dancing, dancers, and dances in a global context. Read more...

[cover of 2014 Conversations] Issued yearly in early spring generally, Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies reflects the dynamic and diverse membership of SDHS. We seek to bring you themes and debates current in the field of dance studies and the profession, alongside news from the international community of scholars in dance and related disciplines. Read more...


SDHS Special Topics Conference, “Dance as Experience: Progressive Era Origins and Legacies”, March 26–28, 2015 in Baltimore, MD.

Conference 2015, Cut & Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity, a joint SDHS and CORD conference, will be held June 4–7, 2015 in Athens, Greece. Applications are now being accepted for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award and the Graduate Student Travel Award.