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In recognition of Selma Jeanne Cohen's great contributions to dance history, the Society of Dance History Scholars inaugurated an award in her name at its 1995 conference. The Selma Jeanne Cohen Award aims to encourage graduate student members of SDHS by recognizing excellence in dance scholarship.

Up to three awards will be offered at each conference. Each award includes an invitation to present a paper at the annual conference, waiver of the registration fee for that conference, and a grant to help defray costs of attending the conference. Awards are based on the originality of the research, the rigor of the argument, and the clarity of the writing.

Selma Jeanne Cohen Award Submission Guidelines

Each paper submitted in competition for a Selma Jeanne Cohen Award must be a scholarly treatment of a topic in dance studies. Each must be based on unpublished research or interpretation and must be designed for oral delivery within twenty minutes, including use of audiovisual aids. (Papers running eight double-spaced pages are ideal.)

Students interested in applying for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award should follow the regular guidelines for conference submission and check the appropriate box on the submission form. All paper proposals submitted for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award must follow the Instructions for Making Proposals for SDHS Annual Conferences.

Once the conference abstract has been accepted, a full-text version of the paper should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for submissions is 1 March, 2016.

Applicants will not receive feedback about their essays.

Direct queries related to SDHS or the conference program to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Phone: 414.908.4959.

Please contact the SDHS office if you would like to donate to the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award.

Additional Selma Jeanne Cohen Awards

Selma Jeanne Cohen Conference Presentation Award through American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR)

Purpose: This award provides up to $1000 to a scholar to participate in a plenary or working session at the ASTR conference. This presentation must, in the spirit of Selma Jeanne Cohen, explore the intersections of theatre and dance/movement. Funds shall be used to cover travel and hotel expenses. The purpose of the award is to encourage scholars in dance and movement-based fields to become active members of ASTR by helping them to meet the travel and hotel expenses of attending and presenting at the ASTR annual meeting. ASTR conference registration fees will be waived for award winners.

For more information: www.astr.org/awards/selma-jeanne-cohen-conference-presentation-award.

American Society for Aesthetics Selma Jeanne Cohen Prize in Dance Aesthetics

In memory of Selma Jeanne Cohen, the American Society for Aesthetics established in 2008 a $1000 biennial prize in dance aesthetics, dance theory, or the history of dance.

For more information about the Selma Jeanne Cohen Prize in Dance Aesthetics, please visit www.aesthetics-online.org/awards/.

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