2011 SDHS Conference
Dance Dramaturgy: Catalyst, Perspective & Memory


Dear Colleagues:

We are delighted to confirm three diverse performance opportunities for all 2011 conference attendees and two special off-campus trips. Please review the events on offer and reserve your space so we can guarantee your participation.


Friday, June 24

Option #1:
7:30 pm
Choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon
North American Premiere
A co-production of The National Ballet of Canada and the Royal Ballet
Discount offered to SDHS delegates


Option #2:
8:00 pm
REAson d’etre dance productions presents
New dance-theatre works by choreographer Kathleen Rea
Discount offered to SDHS delegates, plus a pre-show talk back
with the Dramaturge

Saturday, June 25

8:08 pm
Performances by Conference Partner, Series 8:08
Mixed Program of New Work – Audience as Dramaturge
Priority tickets for SDHS delegates

Performance Details

Option #1: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Friday, June 24 at 7:30 pm
Four Seasons for the Performing Arts (a 10-minute cab or subway ride from the conference host hotel)

The premiere of a new full-length story ballet is a special occasion for any ballet company. When the work is by a choreographer such as Christopher Wheeldon the anticipation is that much greater.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a co-production between The National Ballet of Canada and The Royal Ballet and is, of course, based on the famous Lewis Carroll book of the same name. The Alice stories have long fascinated and attracted other artists, including choreographers, both for their fantastic effects and the rich psychological and emotional terrain they present. Wheeldon’s ballet, however, seeks to restore the book's fundamental appeal: its brilliantly anarchic and unfettered evocation of the imaginative world of childhood, a world that, having lived it once, we all carry within us.

Wheeldon's unique synthesis of neo-classical and modern dance vocabularies has established him as one of the most important – and sought-after – choreographic artists at work today. National Ballet of Canada audiences who have seen performances of Wheeldon's breathtaking Polyphonia will have some sense of the range, subtlety and instinctive authority he brings to his ballets. This production has been dramaturged by Nicholas Wright.

Ticketing: The National Ballet is offering a 20% discount to conference attendees with a minimum attendance of 20. Tickets range from $24.00 to $171.00 CDN. To reserve a seat, please review the reservation form and email SDHS by Tuesday, June 7 at info@sdhs.com Please specify which ticket price you want to purchase. For seating details, see http://national.ballet.ca/

Option #2: VIVID4

REAson d’etre dance productions presents
New dance-theatre works by choreographer Kathleen Rea
Winchester Street Theatre
Friday, June 24 at 8:00 pm
8:00 pm: Pre-show chat: “The Art of Dance Dramaturge” with choreographer Kathleen Rea and dramaturge Tristan Whiston
8:30 pm: Performance

Previous VIVIDs were met with critical exclaim:

“The choreography is beautifully rich, poignant and lyrical” Paula Citron, Classical 96.3 FM

“Be prepared for a punch upside the head followed by a sharp kick in the shin from the former National Ballet of Canada dancer. In her world, beauty is like the instant white light of relief that comes after a terrible hangover is released from pain” Margaret Webb, Xtra!

If specific event does not come up, search “dance” and scroll down to June 24th VIVID4
Advanced sales regular: $22
Advanced sales youth (ages 15 to 24), full-time student or CADA
SDHS conference attendees: $15

At the door: Regular: $30
At the door: Youth (ages 15 to 24), full-time student, CADA
SDHS conference attendees: $20
For more company information: http://www.reasondetre.com/
Choreographer: Dramaturg:
Kathleen Rea Tristan Whiston

Performers Main:
Karen Kaeja Suzanne Liska Lee Walder
Teisha Smith Yves Candau Miranda Forbes
Holly Small Jessica Runge Janet Johnson
Yvonne Ng

Saturday, June 25
SDHS Conference Partner, Series 8:08 presents:
Mixed Program of New Work – Audience as Dramaturge
Show at 8:08pm
Robert Gill Theatre, University of Toronto
(this theatre is one of the conference venues, no travel required)
Ticket Information:
$15 in advance / $20 at the door
Robert Gill Box Office 416-978-7986
Email reservations: l.massey@utoronto.ca
In Person: 214 College Street, 3rd floor – use St. George St. entrance

Robert Gill Theatre is not wheelchair accessible.

If you require accommodation, please contact the Box Office 416-978-7986 to make appropriate arrangements.

Tickets will also be available at conference registration, but it is best to reserve in advance, as a block of seats will be released to the public.

Program Overview:

Series 8:08 was created to promote the creative development of professional Canadian dance artists and to build a knowledgeable, appreciative audience for new dance. The Choreographic Performance Workshops or CPWs are showings of short works-in-progress by professional dance artists. The artists have an opportunity to show their work and receive written feedback from the audience.

As a partner to the SDHS Conference 2011: Dance Dramaturgy: Catalyst, Perspective, and Memory, Series 8:08 welcomes the notion of the audience functioning as a dramaturg. This performance features 4 choreographers who have shown promising work-in-progress this past season at Series 8:08. The artists selected for this performance regularly utilize the work of a dance dramaturg or outside eye.

Guarded Spaces – Jennifer Dallas

In Guarded Spaces choreographer Jennifer Dallas plunges beneath the exterior surfaces we present to one another. In creating the work she traveled deep into the most intimate moments of a lifetime and found an unexpected truth there: the undiluted intimacy we experience when we think we are alone contains all of the qualities, limits and dynamics of that which we may hope to find with others. Only in perceived solitude do our defenses truly rest and it is this world that the soloist inhabits throughout Guarded Spaces. Intimacy, when expressed to please the observer, isn't intimacy at all.

HOMEbody – Shannon Litzenberger
Concept, Co‐creation and Performance by Shannon Litzenberger
Co‐creation and Direction by MarieJosée Chartier
Sound and Video Design by Jeremy Mimnagh
Writer and creative collaborator Ryan Symington

Currently in development, HOMEbody poses questions of identity,belonging and place, drawing on social research and real life stories about ‘home’. More than ever before, we are a mobile population and very few of us remain rooted to our place of birth throughout our lifetime. We move between and within continents, countries and communities, though, despite this trend of transience, ‘home’remains an important place where the expression of our identity is rooted.

NO Vox, a part of The Depiction on Drifting Islands – Marie France Forcier (Forcier Stage Works)

No Vox is the first of four solos to be created for The Depiction of Drifting Islands, Forcier Stage Works’ next creation.

My idea for The Depiction of Drifting Islands has two components. First: to create four distinct solo pieces, one for each of four characters. Each solo will be a window on the character's private self: revealing the focus of his mind, the nature of his actions and the relationship he has with himself when no one is there to witness him. The second component: to create a group piece, in which all five solo characters return and are seen as their communal selves; changed by the presence of others. In hindsight, the group piece will reveal how the nature of certain relationships can shed light on the reasons why an individual becomes who he is, even isolated. Reversely, the solo pieces will have provided the key information on each character necessary to fully understand the group's dynamics and intricacies of functioning.

Locally Sourced Dances – Susan Lee and Tracey Norman (Lee and Norman Dance Projects)

Locally Sourced Dances is an immersive, interdisciplinary work supported by residency and research in specific neighbourhoods/areas of Toronto. A part of the philosophy behind this piece is to create a performance event that allows the audience to re-invest, re-live, re-imagine, or see for the first time the area we are investigating. We want to create a dance event that evokes a profound and/or new sense of connectedness, wonder and curiosity about the area in which we live and work. By directly linking the performance to the location in which we are making it we are expanding on the idea of site-specificity. It is as if the walls of the theatre were porous, and we have a larger sense of the location in which the dance exists and of our place within the landscape. Leading up to the SDHS conference we are in residency at York University where we will be presenting a workshop and showing some of the work we’ve created inspired by the surrounding area, before showing the work at the Robert Gill Theatre.


Please note that space is very limited for both of these events and will be reserved on a first come first served basis. All spaces must be reserved in advance by Friday, June 3. Reservation Form is attached.

Field Trip #1:

A visit to the Archives of the National Ballet of Canada
Saturday, June 25 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Twenty-five guests will be welcomed by Archives Coordinator Adrienne Nevile and Senior Manager, Education and Archives, Sharon Vanderlinde.
The National Ballet of Canada’s Archive
In operation since 1975, the National Ballet Archives was created for the collection and preservation of materials that best serve to illustrate the founding and development of The National Ballet of Canada, and to assist, whenever possible, research and scholarly work in dance. Archival holdings document the history of the company from 1951 to the present, and include press clippings, programmes, posters, photographs, videos and costumes, as well as materials referring to dance in general, both in Canada and internationally. The Erik Bruhn Library also provides a valuable on-site reference resource, with over 800 volumes pertaining to dance and related subjects, such as theatre, music, scenography, choreography and anatomy.

Field Trip #2:

A guided tour of the Dance Collection Danse Exhibit,
“Dancing Through Time: Toronto’s Dance History 1900-1980”
Guided by Curator Amy Bowring, Dance Collection Danse
Saturday, June 25, 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Market Gallery, St. Lawrence Market
Maximum 30 Guests

Dancing Through Time: Toronto’s Dance History 1900–1980 explores the development of the city’s dance scene from influential touring artists (Anna Pavlova, Mary Wigman) to vaudevillians to the ballet and modern dance booms to the diversity of dance forms present in the city. Curated by Dance Collection Danse, Canada’s largest dance archives, it features costumes, photographs, playbills, souvenir programs, posters, designs, and more.

This exhibit provides a rare opportunity to see artifacts not available in other museums. Visitors will get to know some of the personalities of a dynamic art form that have contributed to the city’s cultural vitality.

Founded in 1986 by former National Ballet dancers Lawrence and Miriam Adams, Dance Collection Danse is Canada’s national dance archives and publisher dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Canadian theatrical dance history. Its programming combines ongoing activities in collection, preservation, research, publishing and education. DCD staff believe that the ability to demonstrate the longevity and depth of Canada’s dance history will encourage citizens to acknowledge and celebrate the art of dance. Through DCD’s magazine, books and virtual exhibitions, DCD provides a context for the past and a foundation for the future of dance.

The Market Gallery is housed in Toronto’s iconic St. Lawrence Market, which features over 120 specialty merchants and vendors. In the centre of the historic Old Town Toronto sit three buildings that have been voted one of the 25 best markets in the world, according to Food & Wine magazine

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