Early Dance Working Group meeting summary — November, 2013

The SDHS Early Dance Working Group met early Friday morning 11/15/2013 at the Back to the Grind coffee shop in downtown Riverside, California.

Present were Dominique Bourassa (Yale University Library); Tilden Russell (Southern Connecticut State University, emer.); and convener Lizbeth Langston (University of California, Riverside Library, emer.)

We noted with regret that there were no papers on early dance topics at this SDHS/CORD conference, possibly because the theme (“Decentering Dance Studies, Moving in New Global Orders”) seemed less relevant to the interests of this group than those of past years.

Next year's theme, “Writing Dancing, Dancing Writing,” seems to offer more scope for Early Dance proposals. Dominique Bourassa suggested “Lost and Found in Translation” as a subject for at least one session, dealing not only with sources translated from one language to another, but also with the concept of choreographic notation as a kind of translation of physical movement into a symbolic written language.

We hope that the conference theme and our ideas will spark others to think about proposals that will contribute to a significant Early Dance presence next year at the University of Iowa, Iowa City (November 14–16, 2014).

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