Schedule details — Conference 2013: Decentering Dance Studies: Moving In New Global Orders

The Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS) and the Congress on Research in Dance (CORD)
Riverside, California, November 14–17, 2013

Last update: 11 Nov 2013, 11:06. Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Time Location Event Title Presenter(s)

9:00am - 3:00pm Mission Inn CORD Board of Directors Meeting (closed to public)

9:00am - 4:00pm Mission Inn SDHS Board of Directors Meeting (closed to public)

1:00pm - 4:00pm Mission Inn SDHS Editorial Board Meeting (closed to public)

2:00pm - 5:30pm Mission Inn Ramona Court Registration

2:00pm - 6:00pm Mission Inn Glenwood Tavern Publisher's Exhibit

2:00-pm-6:00pm Mission Inn Ramona Court CORD Diversity Working Group Information Table

4:00pm - 5:30pm Mission Inn Music Room Native American Dance / Opening Talk with Priya Srinivasan and Marta Savigliano

5:30pm - 6:15pm Back to the Grind Grad Student Welcome

6:15pm - 7:15pm Culver Center Atrium Christena Schlundt Lecture: Susan Leigh Foster (RSVP Required)

7:30pm - 9:30pm Culver Center Atrium UCR Reception (RSVP Required)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Time Location Presentation Type Title Presenter(s)

7:45am -8:45am Back to the Grind Working Group SDHS Working Group: Dance History Teachers Session Convener: Katy Boche

Back to the Grind Working Group SDHS Working Group: Practice-as-Research Session Convener: Vida Midgelow

Back to the Grind Working Group SDHS Working Group: Early Dance Session Convener: Lizbeth Langston

Back to the Grind Workshop Graduate Student Professionalization Workshop Session Convener: Mair Culbreth

9:00am-9:45am Mission Inn Presidential Suite, 4th Floor Moving from the Margins: A Decentering Conversation with Brenda Dixon-Gottschild

9:00am - 10:30am Mission Inn Music Room Breakout 1 Transnational Translations Session Moderator: Royona Mitra

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's choreographic negotiations of identity, storytelling and non-translation: the continuous dramaturgical work of the spectator Lise Uytterhoeven

Taiwanese Body On the Road Yin-fan Chen

Choreographing Kerala in Houston-The Ethnoscape of Stafford Anisha Rajesh

Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker between Europe and North America Renate Braeuninger

Mission Inn Monterey Room Breakout 2 Dancing National Representations Session Moderator: Jill Nunes Jensen

The world in one city: Dancing nations in London's 2012 Olympiad Stacey Prickett

When the house closed its doors: Stories of Hungarian-Canadians through the steps of a folk dance ensemble Zita Nyarady

Exploring National Identity through Contemporary Dance: Anak Malaysia by Dua Space Dance Theatre Chai Chen Tan

Decentering Nationalist Discourses and Remapping Identity in Contemporary (Indian) Dance Cynthia Ling Lee and Sandra Chatterjee

Mission Inn San Gabriel Room Breakout 3 Dancing, Religion, and the State Session Moderator: Cristina Rosa

Suspended Syncretism: Western Liturgical Dance in the Post Vatican II Age of Ecumenism Michelle Summers

Mapping Professional Dance in the Post-Soviet Tajik Capital Emelie Mahdavian

Liberation through Bodily Acts: The Dance of a Tibetan Lama in Exile Shanny Rann

‘Samah: Kardeşlik Töreni’ - A Dynamic Bodily Archive For The Alevi Semah Sinibaldo De Rosa

Mission Inn San Diego Room Roundtable A Decentering Meaning in the Work of Bill T. Jones: Choreographic Pedagogies, Reading Mercy and the Artificial Nigger, and Mercy 10x8 on a Circle Session Moderator: Colleen Dunagan

Roxane Fenton

Heather Glabe

Tamara McCarty

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 4 Pedagogy Through Praxis Session Moderator: Ariel Osterweis

A Historical Study of Taiwan Higher Education of Dance Training (1983-1998) I-ting Ku

"Reconfiguring the Politics Inside the Postmodern Dance Class" Robin Lakes

Digidance, Interdisciplinarity and the "Present Shock" of Dance Studies in a post-Google World Ray Miller

Build up a course from zero- sharing a creative dance class Hsin-Chun Chen

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 5 (Organized Panel) Reaching Out: Dance and Movement for Non-Dancers Session Moderator: Joel Smith

Dancing Submission: A Movement Pedagogy for Feminist and Gender Theory Carrie Preston

Movement Lab: experiences of kinesthetic learning Julie Townsend

Getting Over Getting It, or Contemporary dance is for everybody: Engaging Portland's Publics in Contemporary Dance Performance Roya Amirsoleymani

10:45am - 12:15pm Mission Inn Music Room Breakout 6 Revitalizing and Rethinking Cultural Heritage Session Moderator: Kin-Yan Szeto

Nationalism, fourth world societies, and the performance of indigeneity: the challenges of the intangible cultural heritage framework Andrée Grau

On-stage and in the Archives: Contemporary Kunqu in China Ellen Gerdes

Playing with Visibility and Invisibility, Named and Unnamed: the Relationship between Chinese Opera and Dance under the Global Gaze Daphne Lei

Mission Inn Monterey Room Roundtable B Publishing tips for non-US based dance scholars: a roundtable with editors and writers Session Moderator: Ann Cooper Albright

Mark Franko

Sarah Davies Cordova

Gay Morris

Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt

Mission Inn San Gabriel Room Breakout 7 Decentering the Concept of Static Identities Session Moderator: Takiyah Amin

Embodied Texts: José Limón as The Emperor Jones James Moreno

"¡Q' Viva!: The Chosen": Decentering Appropriations of Latin American Dance Jade Power Sotomayor

Shifting the Beat: Exploring Tap Dance Performance and Identity on a Global Stage Sally Crawford

Mission Inn San Diego Room Breakout 8 (Organized Panel) Imagining a Transnational USAmerican Dance Studies Session Moderator: Yutian Wong

Mixed Metaphors: Anna Sokolow and “American” Modern Dance in Transnational Contexts Hannah Kosstrin

Constructing “America” via Korea: the US State Department, the Trey McIntyre Project, and the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company Clare Croft

Choreographing the Flying Bus: Puerto Rican Incursions in the New York Dance Avante-Garde Ramón Rivera-Servera

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 9 Dancing Political Critiques Session Moderator: Diyah Larasati

Dance as Moses and the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) as Israelites: The role of traditional dance in resettlement process of IDPs in Northern Uganda. Alfdaniels Mabingo

Reinventing the Dundunba: Dancing with Power in Urban Guinea Adrienne Cohen

Facial Choreographies and their Critique of Power Sherril Dodds

All I Ask of My Enemies-- duet performance Amy Chavasse

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 10 Decentering Traditional Approaches to the Body Session Moderator: Stacey Prickett

Moving Studies: Somatic-Performative Research in a Wide Dance Field Ciane Fernandes

Capacitating Life: Indigenous-Focused Movement for Health Petra Kuppers

My Dance With the Big C Ananda Shankar Jayant

Bodies Among the Ruins: Screendance's Emerging Legacy? Peter Sparling

12:15pm - 1:15pm Lunch on your own

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Screendance 1 Screen Dances Session Moderator: Grisha Coleman

Permaculture Dance Project: Sustainability Embodied (11 mins) Matthew Nelson

Panaad: A Promise To The Santo Niño (22 mins) Patrick Alcedo

There is a Place (7 mins) Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes, and Sang Jijia

Plaza Outside Culver Center Dance Happenings Dwindling Dispute TKO Melanie Kloetzel

Time Lapse Stephanie Gilliland and dancers

Words and Manipulation (Part 2) Carrie Mikuls

Corporeality and Beyond Sangwoo Ha

Parallels Tracy Tom-Hoon

Parley Nelly Camacho

An Evening of Roses-Women’s Celebration Saahira Ruhi

1:15pm - 2:30pm Mission Inn Music Room Breakout 11 De-centering Globalization Session Moderator: Kin-Yan Szeto

Globalization and the Homogenizing of Ballet Aesthetics Laura Katz Rizzo

Remembering Through the Body: The Case of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Ying Zhu

De-centering Dance Studies with Root/Route/Scapes Theories of Cultural Globaliztion Avanthi Meduri

Mission Inn Monterey Room Breakout 12 (Organized Panel) Choreographing New Publics in a Global Gift Economy Session Moderator: Rebekah Kowal

Inheriting Dance’s Alternative Histories: Dramaturg’s Notes on Future Memory Kate Elswit

Dance in Public: Reclaiming a Space of Appearance Harmony Bench

Dancing for/Dancing with: Intimate Economies of Exchange in the Work of Julie Tolentino and Felix Ruckert Sara Wolf

Mission Inn San Gabriel Room Breakout 13 Dancing Japanese Politics Session Moderator: Rosemary Candelario

Seeds of an Anti-Hierarchic Ideal: Summer Workshops at Body Weather Farm Zach Fuller

Bodies In Times of War: A Comparison of Hijikata Tatsumi and Mary Wigman's Use of Dance As Political Statement Tanya Calamoneri

Dancing to records: three attempts of dancing Le Sacre du printemps in the prewar Japan Mariko Kitahara

Mission Inn San Diego Room Breakout 14 Urban Performance Session Moderator: Anne Flynn

Site Work on Tour: The Mobility Turn Melanie Kloetzel

Intersections of Cityscape, Landscape, and Ideoscape: The Impact of the Moving Body on the Formation of the City of Tel Aviv Nina Spiegel

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 15 (Organized Panel) Globetrotting Dances and Cultural Collisions: Contemporary Asian Dance Session Moderator: Diyah Larasati

In Each Other’s Houses: Embodiment and Enunciation in Intercultural Exchange SanSan Kwan

Precarious Dancing and Sublime Cute: The Radical "Contemporary" of Africa and Japan Katherine Mezur

Interrogating the “Independent” in Chinese Contemporary Dance Qing Qing

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 16 (Organized Panel) Dialogues that Dislodge: Shifts in Recent Ballet Practice(s) Session Moderator: Hanna Jarvinen

The transmodern ballets of Mauro Bigonzetti Kathrina Farrugia

The Trans-temporal Ballets of Alonzo King Jill Nunes Jensen

The Transtextual Ballets of Wayne McGregor Samantha Parsons

2:30pm-2:45pm Plaza Outside Culver Center Dance Happenings I Remember Only a Small Part Irvin Gonzalez & Cydney Watson 

"Move!" Julie Simon and Nelly Camacho

Introspection Renuka Gupta

L’eau de Vivre Tracy Tom-Hoon

Words and Manipulation (Part 2) Carrie Mikuls

A Glimpse of the Past-Vintage Postcard Comes to Life Sah’ra Saeeda, Margeurite Kusuhara, Gayle Brandeis, Saahira Ruhi

Untitled Kirsten Johansen

2:45pm - 4:00pm Mission Inn Music Room Breakout 17 Global Circulations of Dance Capital Session Moderator: Sarah Davies Cordova

Towards a Global Dance Marketplace Lizzie Leopold

Vogue in Bangalore: Desiring Blackness in a Globalized India Kareem Khubchandani

Dancing Fugitive Futures Thomas DeFrantz

Mission Inn Monterey Room Breakout 18 (Organized Panel) Choreographing Revolution in the African Diaspora Session Moderator: Yvonne Daniel

African American Female Choreographers and Implications for Contemporary Black Women’s Activism Takiyah Amin

Dancing the Haitian Revolution: Katherine Dunham’s Christophe and the Political Uses of the Past Joanna Dee Das

Revolutionizing Movement through Diasporic Dialogues: Cuban Modern and Folkloric Dance, 1959 – 1964 Elizabeth Schwall

Mission Inn San Gabriel Room Breakout 19 (Organized Panel) Historicizing American Power through the Dissemination of Global Fantasies Session Moderator: Judith Hamera

“Saxy Sailors”: Dance, Nationalism, and Ethnic Exoticism in Hollywood Musicals set in World War II Kathaleen Boche

Dancing Idylls: Folk Dance Traditions and Progressive Legacies in Chicago Public Schools, 1890 - 1940 Jessica Ray Herzogenrath

Mission Inn San Diego Room Breakout 20 Embodied Perspectives in Destabilizing Political Structures Session Moderator: Ramon Rivera-Servera

Decentering the Body: Staging Class, Effacing Sexuality in Bangladeshi Hijra Dance Munjulika Rahman

Dancing Between Whenua, Land and Matariki, Stars: On learning how not to be imperial Carol Brown

ioanna Mark Broomfield

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 21 Translating Dances Across Space, Time, and Cultures Session Moderator: Ketu Katrak

Traveling the tradition: the life history of a Malayalee dancer and the transmitting of Indian performing arts into Singapore in the 20th century Yoshiaki Takemura

Migration Moves: Dance in the US Diaspora after the US Invasion of Iraq Meiver De la Cruz

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 22 (Organized Panel) Transnational Modernisms: Dances Between the Local and the "Universal" Session Moderator: Ruth Hellier-Tinoco

Stylizing the folk: modern choreographies of Brazil Ana Paula Höfling

Histories of embodied ideological aesthetics in the production of Mexican Dance as ‘Legitimate’ Modern Art Jose L. Reynoso

Imagining Indigenous Bodies in Motion: Vaslav Nijinsky, Oscar Araiz, and Argentine Modernity Victoria Fortuna

4:15pm - 5:30pm Mission Inn Music Room Breakout 23 Honoring Susan Manning - 2013 Recipient of CORD Award for Outstanding Scholarly Contribution to Dance Research Session Moderator: Judith Hamera

Jose Reynoso

Anthea Kraut

Susan Leigh Foster

Mission Inn Monterey Room Breakout 24 (Organized Panel) Avant-Garde Dance Claims and Practices: A Historical and Global Butoh Session Moderator: Sherril Dodds

Negotiating Tradition, Identity, and Avant-Garde: some thoughts on contemporary dance scholarship by way of Butoh William Marotti

Butoh and Global Circulations of the Avant-Garde Rosemary Candelario

Language and Rebound in Avant-Garde Dance Megan Nicely

Mission Inn San Gabriel Room Breakout 25 Embodying the Transnational in Greece Session Moderator: Linda Tomko

Transnational Affinities of Greek-Turkish Zeibekiko and Afro-American Blues Dr. Constance Valis Hill

Anatolian Blues Redux:Zeibekiko as an Ontological Response to the Hegemonies of Genocide, Exile, and Oppression Dr. Christopher N. Paris

Embodying the Crisis: the body as a site of resistance in post-bailout Greece Ioanna Tzartzani

Mission Inn San Diego Room Breakout 26 (Organized Panel) Latin American Dance: Global Stages, International Markets and Transcontinental Diaspora Session Moderator: Sally Ann Ness

Cuban Dancers on the World’s Stages: Decentering International Ballet? Lester Tome

Joining Dots Between Cleveland, Nigeria and Bahia: Clyde Morgan’s Transcontinental Performance of the African Diaspora Lucia Suarez

Spectacular Indigeneity: The Peruvian Scissors Dance on the Global Stage Jason Bush

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 27 (Organized Panel) Masking Virtuosity, Disseminating Dance: Racialized Affect and Everyday Materiality Session Moderator: Patrick Alcedo

Chinese Minimalism: Tao Dance Theatre and What is Universal History Hentyle Yapp

Performing the Feminist Mask: Dissemination as Dissent in Narcissister is You Ariel Osterweis

Dance Party in Iraq: YouTube, Dance, and the Performance of a Bored Occupation Ivan Ramos

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 28 (Organized Panel) The Global Left: Socialism, Dance, and the Third World in the 1960s Session Moderator: Rebekah Kowal

Dancing Against American Imperialism: The Forgotten Legacies of Third World Leftism  Emily Wilcox

Why the United States Never Founded a Moiseyev Dance Company Anthony Shay

5:45pm -7:15pm Mission Inn Music Room Plenary 1 Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Nadine George-Graves, Melissa Blanco-Borelli, Anusha Kedhar, Jasmine Johnson, Mark Franko Session Moderator: Marta Savigliano

7:30pm - 9:00pm Mission Inn Music Room Awards Reception

9:00pm - 9:30pm Mission Inn Music Room Joint CORD and SDHS Membership Meeting

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time Location Presentation Type Title Presenter(s)

7:45am - 8:45am Back to the Grind Working Group SDHS Working Group: Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Dance Studies Session Convener: Lester Tome

Back to the Grind Working Group SDHS Working Group: Popular, Social and Vernacular Dance Session Convener: Melissa Blanco Borelli

Culver Center Black Box Theater Working Group SDHS Working Group: Dancing the Long Nineteenth Century Session Convener: Debra Sowell

Back to the Grind Working Group Graduate Student Working Breakfast Session Convener: Elliot Mercer

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Workshop Capoeira like an emerging possibility to decentering contemporary dance experiences Odilon Roble

Culver Center Hammond Studio Workshop (Dis)Placement and Place-Making in the (G)Local Present Megan Todd, Richard Mook, Melissa Britt

Culver Center Screening Room Dance Research Journal Editorial Board Meeting

9:00am - 9:45am Mission Inn Presidential Suite, 4th Floor Conversations with Barbara Browning

9:00am - 10:30am Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 29 Negotiating Tradition and Innovation Session Moderator: Kathrina Farrugia

Everlasting Love: Chinese Modernity and Trans-cultural Identity through the Contemporary Chinese Dance in Hong Kong Ting-Ting Chang

MITOTE: A Manifesto for Avant-Garde Dance Written In Indigenous Knowledge Cuauhtemoc Mitote

"Danza Azteca" - From Post-Colonial Mexico to the Sacre Coeur Nancy Lee Ruyter

In Leotards under her Saree: An Indian 'Contemporary' Dancer in America Aishika Chakraborty

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 30 Choreographing Cultural Hybridity and Instability Session Moderator: Lena Hammergren

Floating Worlds: Japanese and American Transcultural Encounters in Dance Marta Robertson

South African Indians Tranforming Society through Dance Drama, and Performance in Post-Apartheid South Africa Ketu Katrak

[h]interland: Alternative Modernities and the Urgency of Motion Jyoti Argade

Bringing an Upper Cut to the Upper Crust: Importing Sports Moves Into Concert Dance Maura Keefe

Culver Center Black Box Theater Breakout 31 Africanist Aesthetics and Challenging Europeanist Values Session Moderator: Rosemarie Roberts

Odunde at the Crossroads: Chance and Certainty a Philosophical Imperative Efia Dalili

Balancing the tide of globalisation: Maintaining Afro-Caribbean cultural power and indigenous identity in dance Lisa Wilson

Gesturing from the death-zone: contemporary African dance as a political intervention to the inertia of (colonial) perceptions in the discourse on African subjectivity. Tawanda Chabikwa

Home Studio: YouTube and Dance in Libya Leila Tayeb

Culver Center Screening Room Breakout 32 Shifting States, Spaces, and Approaches to Dance Session Moderator: Anne Flynn

National Identity And Dance In A Post colonial State. Gladys Ijeoma Akunna

Dance Britannia: the impact of global shifts on dance In Britain Christy Adair and Ramsay Burt

What Is Dance? Thirty Years On (How Both Dance and Dance Studies Have Changed During The Three Decades Since What Is Dance? Was Published in 1983. Roger Copeland

The boomerang effect: a brief reflection on brazilian dance and its artistic path Gisela Doria

Culver Center Atrium Breakout 33 Rethinking Orientalism Session Moderator: Anusha Kedhar

Is the Arab Spring an Artistic Ice Age? The De-Centering of Belly Dance from Egypt to the West Candace Bordelon

Tempo, Temporality, and Kinesthetics of Dancing: Mediating Development in the Early 1980s Taiwan Chia-Yi Seetoo

Edward Said on Tahia Carioca: Defining Home on the Global Stage Barbara Sellers-Young

Untitled Past Fangfei Miao

10:45am - 12:15pm Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 34 The Politics of Performing 'Americana' Session Moderator: James Moreno

Martha Bowers at Home and Abroad: A Case of Community-Based Performance and Transnational Movement Colleen Hooper

Inscription, Assimilation, Familiarization: Maria Tallchief and Making Ballet "American" in the Tribal Termination Era Rebekah Kowal

Choreographing Urban Dystopia and the Globalization of City Space in Kate Watson-Wallace / anonymous bodies' Car Laura Vriend

On the Street and in the Studio: Decentering and Recentering Dance in the New Orleans Second Line Rachel Carrico

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 35 Performing Protest Session Moderator: Anthea Kraut

We never have more than a partial view Carol McDowell

Round Dance Rebellion: Examining the Emergence of Dance Protest Practices at Idle No More Kevin O'Connor

Regulation – (Movement/Sensation) – Change: Addressing the political economy of movement though the exploration of choreographic processes. Kymberley Feltham and Kallee Lins

Cuahtemoc's Revenge: Mexica Danza from Ixkateopan to Olvera Street Erica Ocegueda

Culver Center Black Box Theater Breakout 36 (Organized Panel) Four Intervals in the Globalization of Flamenco & Hispano-Gypsy Culture Session Moderator: Ariel Osterweis

Metiendo la pata: Contemporary flamenco as social protest Michelle Hayes

Spanish Dancers in America: 1796 - 1940 Ninotchka Bennahum

Tumulte Noir and Jaleo de Jerez: Cakewalk, Tangos, and Jazz Modernism in La Macarrona’s Flamenco Dance K. Meira Goldberg

Constructing “Old Spanish Days” in Santa Barbara, California, USA: Flamenco vs. Mexican ballet folklórico Ruth Hellier-Tinoco

Culver Center Screening Room Breakout 37 (Organized Panel) Reconstituting Roots: Conversations on the Autonomy of the Racialized Body Session Moderator: Rebecca Rossen

Deconstructing Ghost: Spanish Nostalgia in Contemporary Latina Dance-making Brianna Figueroa

Performing Post-racial Asianness: K-pop’s Appropriation of Hip-Hop Culture   Chuyun Oh

Black scholars in Brazil: embodying African traditions in academia Agatha Oliveira

Heddy Maalem's Black Rites Ninoska M'bewe Escobar

Culver Center Atrium Breakout 38 (Organized Panel) Power Plays: A Lec Dem Panel with Susan Rose and Dancers Session Moderator: Marta Savigliano

Hannah Schwadron

Sue Roginski

Susan Rose

12:15-1:00pm Lunch on your own

Culver Center Screening Room Screendance Screendance 2 Session Moderator: Anusha Kedhar

Miss Hill (15 mins - excerpt) Elizabeth McPherson

occupation (5 mins) Tanja London

The Art of Defining Me (15 mins) Seeta Patel and Kamala Devam

Culver Center Brithinee Studio Workshop Taichi Daoyin Practices in Modern Dance Chia-Liang Lin

Culver Center Hammond Studio Dance Happenings waves Johanna Devi

Plaza Outside Culver Center Dance Happenings Quotation Marks Fred Strickler

counterpoint/shift presents “watch” Sue Roginski

Decentering (en)counter [balance] Crystal Sepúlveda and no.e Parker

< Ritual 21: 제(祭) > Won-sun Choi

1:00pm - 2:30pm Culver Center Atrium Plenary Performance Session A Prumsodun Ok
Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith (casebolt and smith)
Rickerby Hinds
Alvin Rangel
Hari Krishnan
Session Moderator: Royona Mitra

2:45pm - 4:15pm Culver Center Brithinee Studio Roundtable C Social Justice in Dance Studies Session Moderator: Takiyah Amin

Nyama McCarthy-Brown

Raquel Monroe

Naomi Bragin

Mary Fogarty

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 39 (Organized Panel) Engaging Protocol, Asserting Embodiment, Advocating Change: Contemporary Indigenous Dance in Global Contexts Session Moderator: Jacqueline Shea Murphy Session Respondents: Rulan Tangen and Tharon Weighill

Dancing Our Politics: "Protocol" in Northwest Coast First Nations Dance Miquel Dangeli

Between the break beats: Embodiment and principles for social change Karyn Recollet

Remembering, Honoring, Renewing: commemorating Two-Spirit/Queer Indigenous peoples’ presence. Cuauhtemoc Peranda

“If you heal me, you heal Papatūanuku”: Creative Research Practice in Māori Dance Opera Terri Crawford

Culver Center Black Box Theater Breakout 40 Dancing Class, Gender, and Power Session Moderator: Stacey Prickett

A Struggle For All: Exploring Gender Equity in Dance Off the Stage Eliza Larson

Cotillion Dance as an Embodiment of Class C. Alexandra Blacker

Where the Wild Things Are: a look at the landscape of contemporary dance in Brazil and its impact in the global market Cristina Rosa

Ma-Hyphenate: Decentering the Sacred Feminine Through Performance Anita Ratnam

Culver Center Screening Room Breakout 41 (Organized Panel) Movementscapes From a Nordic Perspective Session Moderator: Kathrina Farrugia

The Arrivals of African-derived Dances to Sweden Lena Hammergren

The Polska: Featuring Swedish in Finland Petri Hoppu

Halling: Negotiating Past and Present Movementscapes Anne Fiskvik

Culver Center Atrium Breakout 42 Queering Dance and Power Session Moderator: Raquel Monroe

Queer Tango Embraces: Female Homosociality in Buenos Aires' Tango Scene Juliet McMains

Queering Geographical-Temporal Cartographies in Amir Baradaran's "Marry Me to the End of Love" Heather Rastovac

‘Heavy’: collage, choreography and non-translation Rachel Fensham

Why So Shocking, Celia? Alexandra Booth

4:30pm - 6:00pm Culver Center Atrium Plenary 2 Barbara Browning, Yutian Wong, Cindy Garcia, Ahalya Satkunaratnam, Maral Yessayan, Linda Tomko Session Moderator: Susan Manning

6:15pm - 7:45pm Culver Center Brithinee Studio Breakout 43 Globalization, Liveness, and Authenticity Session Moderator: Yutian Wong

David Henry Hwang and the Cosmopolitics of Dance Kin-Yan Szeto

Stepping on Global Stages: the Popularization of Contemporary Folk Performances in Taiwan Szu-Ching Chang

Dance Curtain Calls: Instigating Critical Inquiry Caroline Sutton Clark

New-Wave Flamenco and Economic Crisis Theresa Goldbach

Culver Center Hammond Studio Breakout 44 Contemporary Choreographies of History and Tradition Session Moderator: Arlene Yu

Moving American History: An Examination of Works by Ken Burns and Bill T Jones Ann Dils

African Dance 2.0- Ancient traditions in a New Millennium Jewel Jackson

Choreographing Borderlands: Barrio Aesthetics in Contemporary Xicana/o dance Roen Salinas

Movimiento Moderno: A New Species of Mexican Ballet Folklorico Andrea Luján

Culver Center Black Box Theater Breakout 45 Conceptualizing Contemporary Bodies Session Moderator: Harmony Bench

Remote Choreography and the Ghost: Tupac Shakur's Holographic Performance (Coachella, 2012) Priya A. Thomas

Towards a Posthuman Ethics: Moving With Others in Karl Cronin's Somatic Natural History Archive Michael Morris

Endorsing the Self: Embodied Improvisation in Prison Arts Programs Sarah Genta

Some fleshy thinking: Improvisation, experience and perception Vida Midgelow

Culver Center Screening Room Roundtable D De-Centering the Body: Presence, Co-Presence, and Multiplicity in Dance and Film Session Moderator: Arden Thomas

Lisa Wymore

Telory Davies

Natalie Marsh

Rosa Navarrete

Culver Center Atrium Roundtable E Redefining Modernism Susan Manning

Nadine George-Graves

Janet O'Shea

Allana Lindgren

7:45pm - 8:45pm Dinner on your own

7:45pm - 8:30pm Culver Center Brithinee Studio SDHS Board Meeting

8:30pm - 10:00pm Culver Center Atrium Plenary Performance Session B Ramya Harishankar
Cheng-Chieh Yu
Kalpana Raghuraman
Su Feh Lee
Sheron Wray
Session Moderator: Rebecca Rossen

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time Location Presentation Type Title Presenter(s)

8:30am -10:00am Mission Inn Music Room Roundtable F Rooted Routes: Revealing the Caribbean Social Body as Dance Praxis Session Moderator: Adanna Jones

Ann Mazzocca

Makeda Thomas

A'Keitha Carey

Tania Isaac

Mission Inn Monterey Room Roundtable G Interactions and Articulations in Regional Bird Singing and Dancing Session Moderator: Jacqueline Shea Murphy

Cliff Trafzer

Michael Tsosie

Will Madrigal, Jr.

Kim Marcus

Mission Inn San Gabriel Room Rountable H Dance, Politis and Power: The Ghanaian Experience Session Moderator: Oh! Nii Kwei Sowah

Akua Boakyewa Abloso

David E. A. Quaye

Aristedes Hargoe

Terry Bright Kweku Ofosu

Jennies Darko

Mission Inn San Diego East Room Breakout 46 Dancing De-centered Genders and Sexualities Session Moderator: Ramon Rivera-Servera

Mahari Then and Now: Queering Performativity in Odissi Kaustavi Sarkar

Tango in Istanbul: An Assessment from a Gender Perspective Melis Merih Kilic

Dancing Toward a "Progressive Black Sexual Politics": Doing and Undoing Gender and Sexuality in Chicago's West African Dance and Drum Communities Queen Meccasia Zabriskie

Mission Inn San Diego West Room Breakout 47 Dance Education and Practice in International Scenarios Session Moderator: Ketu Katrak

The Current State of Dance Micro and Macropolicies in Brazil Lucia Matos

Creative Process and Transformative Dance in Brazil Alba Vieira

Circulations of Creative Movement Practice: Dance Specialists' Tactical Strategy and South Korea's 21st-century Biopower in Globalization Hye-Won Hwang

Contradictory Dissidence: Somatics, liberalism and American Cultural Expansionism Doran George

9:00am - 9:45am Mission Inn Presidential Suite, 4th Floor Conversations with Ann Cooper Albright

10:15am - 11:45am Mission Inn Music Room Breakout 48 (Organized Panel) In Consideration of the Digital Dance Repository Session Moderator: Hannah Kosstrin

Capturing the Choreographic Process in a Digital Archive Andrea Conger

A Digital Repository Primer for the Dance Professional Christopher Miller

Discovering Moving Images of Choreography in the Archives: The Dance Heritage Coalition’s Dance Preservation and Digitization Project Lauren Sorensen

When the Dancers Leave the Factory: Decentering Histories of Dance and Screen Selby Wynn Schwartz

Mission Inn Monterey Room Roundtable I Secrets Under the Skin: Blurred Boundaries, Shifting Enactments and Repositioning in Research Based Dance in Ghana and Cuba Session Moderator: Jill Flanders Crosby

Marianne Kim

Susan Matthews

Brian Jeffery
Mission Inn San Gabriel Room Breakout 49 Decentering (G)Local Dance Practices and Identities Session Moderator: Melissa Blanco

Rumberas: Self-Fashioning Choreographies of Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Contemporary Cuba Berta Jottar

Rumbera Reimagined Maria Urrutia

Performing modernity: Bhangra's global dance movements in new diasporic settings Ann R. David

Mobility, Movement and Visualising Changing Identities in Cape Town: Carnival and popular couple dance as modes of social transformation through the dancing body N Jade Gibson

Mission Inn San Diego East Room Roundtable J Centering Embodied Research: Dance in Higher Education Session Moderator: Katja Kolcio

Sarah Croucher

William Johnston

Eiko Otake

Nicole Stanton

Morgan Thorson

Mission Inn San Diego West Room Breakout 50 (Organized Panel) The "Jointed Articulations" of dance, politics and religion Session Moderator: Hanna Jarvinen

Political and Religious Tensions of Fijian Dance in Canada: Re-negotiating Identity Through Affect Evadne Kelly

Dancing Internation(s): Social dance events, the church and political advocacy in the gathering of African-Canadians in Toronto, 1920-1950 Seika Boye

A Sensory Reading of the Counter-Dance Discourse of 20th century Iran Ida Meftahi

12:00pm - 1:30pm Mission Inn Music Room Plenary 3 Ann Cooper Albright, Jens Giersdorf, Prema Thiagarajan, Diyah Larasati, Imani Johnson, Ananya Chatterjea Session Moderator: Susan Foster

1:30pm - 2:00pm Mission Inn Music Room Closing Ceremony Speakers: Tommy DeFrantz and Yatin Lin

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  • 2018 DSA Inaugural Conference
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    July 5-8, 2018
    The University of Malta, Valetta, Malta
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SDHS announces this year’s award recipients. Awards will be presented at the SDHS/CORD conference.

Dance Chronicle announces Founding Editors’ Awards, honoring Barbara Palfy in 2015. Sponsored by Dance Chronicle and Routledge/Taylor & Francis

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