Conference 2013: Dance ACTions—Traditions and Transformations

The Nordic Forum for Dance Research (NOFOD) and
The Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS)
International Joint Conference in Dance Research

8–11 June 2013

Hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway

Call for proposals

The deadline for proposal submissions was 7 Jan., 2013. Proposals are no longer being accepted.

As embodied social action, dance affects individuals and society. Dance provides means of recreation and empowerment, support and protest, display and provocation, pleasure and entertainment. Dance and dancing activate us and transform our lives. Transformations occur in ritual dances or in dance therapy sessions, on the dance stage or during social dance events. Shared and conventionalized practices shape cultural forms of life and recognizable embodied interaction. Traditions cannot survive unless they are maintained or revived, whether by individual dance practitioners or within institutional settings. In the rich spectrum of dance phenomena, some actions and acts attract special attention from dance historians. Why and how are these acts and actions identified?

NOFOD and SDHS welcome proposals on any topic related to the theme of Dance ACTions. It is our wish to display the broad range of interest of our members as well as non-members. The presenters might consider any of the following questions:

  • Dance actions and dance acts take on various forms. What are these forms like and what is their implication on our thinking and lives?
  • Activists in diverse social settings have affected dance traditions. Who changed the histories of dance and how did they do it?
  • Traditions are re-enacted by dance revival and reconstruction. How are revival and reconstruction done? And how do they affect our understanding of dance?
  • Experimental and new dance performances draw upon a variety of influences. What kinds of dance acts and actions does current performance art enact?
  • Embodying dance actions generates specific experiential insights that might affect performance. How do we approach and theorize such observations and insights?

Additional questions:

  • How are dance actions involved in research?
  • How can dance be used as a medium for political activism?
  • How does technology actualize dance in new ways?
  • How is dance active in mass-media?

The conference venue

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim Norway invites you to attend the NOFOD and SDHS international joint conference 8-11 June, 2013 in Trondheim Norway.

Trondheim is at its best in midsummer, the time of midnight sun and white nights. The medieval cathedral, where Norwegian kings are coronated, is situated in the historical city of Trondheim. Visitors in the city can view old wooden architecture and visit the museums of music history and rock n roll, as well as the open air museum Sverresborg . The beautiful water route landscapes are accessible by boat tours that begin at the busy harbor and take you through the fjord into the ocean islands.

The conference venue is by the forest at the modern Dragvoll university campus, which can be reached by a 20-minute bus ride from the city center where participants are accommodated. Here NTNU offers a thriving dance environment with large dance collections, two international master programs and an innovative education for professional performers in traditional dance.

Conference Committees

Local Arrangements:
  • Anne Margrete Fiskvik, Chair
  • Gediminas Karoblis
  • Egil Bakka
  • Siri Maeland
  • Marit Stranden
Programming Committee:
  • Lena Hammergren, Co-chair
  • Anne Margrete Fiskvik, Co-chair
  • Camilla Damkjaer
  • Lisa Doolittle
  • Raquel Monroe
  • Susanne Ravn
  • Gediminas Karoblis

The Trondheim conference website address:

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