Winners and Special Citations, 1973-2001

1973 - prize to Mary Grace Swift, A Loftier Flight

1974 - no winner

1975 - prize to Jane Sherman, Soaring

1976 - prize to David Vaughan, Frederick Ashton and His Ballets

1977 - prize to Nancy Reynolds, Repertory in Review

1978 - no winner

1979 - prize to Richard Ralph, The Life and Works of John Weaver

1980 - prize to Jack Anderson, The One and Only: The Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo

1980 - special citation to Olive Holmes, Motion Arrested

1981 - prize to Suzanne Shelton, Divine Dancer

1982 - no winner

1982 - special citation to Roger Copeland and Marshall Cohen, What is Dance?

1983 - prize to John Mueller, Astaire Dancing

1984 - no winner

1985 - prize to Jennifer Dunning, But First a School

1985 - special citation to Deborah Jowitt, The Dance in Mind

1986 - prize to Alexandra Danilova, Choura

1986 - special citation to Susan L. Foster, Reading Dancing

1987 - no winner

1988 - prize to Deborah Jowitt, Time and the Dancing Image

1989 - prize to Lynn Garafola, Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes

1989 - special citation to Pauline Koner, Solitary Song

1990 - prize to Elizabeth Sourtiz, Soviet Choreographers in the 1920s

1990 - special citation to Katrina Hazzard-Gordon, Jookin’

1990 - special citation to Cynthia Novack, Sharing the Dance

1990 - special citation to Irwin Spector, Rhythm and Life

1991 -/2 prize to Agnes de Mille, Martha Graham

1991 -/2 special citation to Larry Warren, Anna Sokolow

1993 - prize to Sally Ann Ness, Body, Movement, and Culture

1993 - special citation to Janet Soares, Louis Horst: Musician in a Dancer’s World

1994 - prize to Maurice Esses, Dance and Instrumental Diferencias in 17th and Early 18th Century Spain

1994 - prize to Susan Manning, Ecstasy and the Demon: Feminism and Nationalism in the Dances of Mary Wigman

1994 - special citation to Sally Banes, Greenwich Village 1963

1995 - prize to Judith Chazin-Bennahum, The Ballets of Antony Tudor: Studies in Psyche and Satire

1995 - special citation to Rebecca Harris-Warrick and Carol Marsh, Musical Theater at the Court of Louis XIV: Le Mariage de la Gross Cathos

1995 - special citation to Carol Martin, Dance Marathons: Performing American Culture in the 1920s and 1930s

1996 - prize to Barbara Browning, Samba: Renaissance in Motion

1996 - special citation to Francis Spearshott, A Measured Pace

1996 - special citation to Amy Koritz, Gendering Bodies/Performing Art: Dance and Literature in Early Twentieth-Century British Culture

1996 - special citation to Mark Franko, Dancing Modernism/Performing Politics

1997 - prize to Judith Kavanagh, Secret Muses: The Life of Frederick Ashton

1997 - special citation to Susan L. Foster, Choreography & Narrative: Ballet’s Staging of Story and Desire

1997 - special citation to James Neufeld, Power to Rise: The Story of the National Ballet of Canada

1997 - special citation to Kariamu Welsh-Asante, ed., African Dance: An Artistic, Historical, and Philosophical Inquiry

1997 - special citation to Jacqui Malone, Steppin’ on the Blues: The Visible Rhythms of African American Dance

1998 - prize to Roland J. Wiley, The Life and Ballets of Lev Ivanov

1998 - special citation to Ellen Graff, Stepping Left: Dance and Politics in New York City, 1928–1942

1998 - special citation to Karl Toepfer, Empire of Ecstasy: Nudity and Movement in German Body Culture

1999 - prize to Debra H. Sowell, The Christensen Brothers: An American Dance Epic

1999 - special citation to Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Rudolph Laban: An Extraordinary Life

2000 - prize to Suki Schorer, Suki Schorer on Balanchine Technique

2000 - special citation to John Forrester, The History of Morris Dancing 1438–1750

2001 - prize to Marian Smith, Ballet and Opera in the Age of Giselle

2001 - special citation to Stephanie Jordan, Moving Music: Dialogues with Music in Twentieth- Century Ballet

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